Friday, 30 May 2008

More Swallows!

This evening we all went to the sailing club for a 'family evening' sail. Why did I go? - my friend, her dh and daughter were coming along and dh doesn't know them very well, so Issy and I went. Fortunately for dh they sail a lot so there were plenty of hands to help rig up:

J has been on board various yachts since she has been six weeks old so is very confident and happily hopped in with dh and Hettie.

Off they went, sorry about the pole! Think dh could have done with a pair of ear muffs with two little girls chattering away at him for an hour and a half. Still he could have had Issy aboard as well who was busy asking to go home the whole time. So we had a very short walk along the cliffs to pass the time and chatted with C & E. My SIL was there as well, and our niece and nephew who were off sailing with friends they've made at the club. Hence Hettie wants to go sailing again tomorrow with J and her cousins. Which means she misses Theatre/Drama Club which I've paid for, still Issy said she'll still go so fingers crossed she actually will.

The girls had friends from school over yesterday and had a nice time with them. Today we caught up with our Sonlight schedule and managed to finish all of this weeks work off bar a couple of worksheets and couple of chapters of Charlotte's Web - which for you regular posters was my favorite childhood book! Which leads me to believe that we should finish Core 1 in less time than is scheduled. Hettie has been reading really well this week, nothing like a little bit of sibling rivalry. In fact when reading out some questions today an argument broke out about whose turn it was to read!

In a very short time I've noticed that Issy has an extremely difficult time listening without interrupting or drifting off or wandering off and we need to work on some listening skills. She also rushes through any work at top speed which I seem to remember Hettie used to do when she first left school, presumably they need to rush at school to get through the work.

So up early tomorrow, Hettie and Dh have to leave about 7.30am to catch the tide and Issy to drama by nine. Never mind, no more school run.


Dawn said...

My daughter usually appears like she isn't listening much when I read aloud to her because I let her play with her doll house, draw, etc.. but she is. Have a great weekend.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Oooh, that sailing lark looks like so much fun. One day...

Glad the sonlight is going so well, and that Issy is settling into it.


Tammy said...

Ah yes.....sibling rivalry between 2 sisters. Something I know much about! ;)