Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oh, We Had A Fab Time .....

We did miss the girls of course!! But we had a fab time on the Norfolk Broads with our lovely friends. We arrived on Friday afternoon and the boys went off for a quick driving lesson. We laughed so much we've all come home with our ribs aching. Obviously we drank and ate lots!

Here's our boat, 46 ft long with 3 double beds!

Boys trying on their life jackets.

Dh at the helm!

Some of the beautiful properties along the river bank.

Dh mooring us up against the bank with no mooring except a tree.

Lots of local wildlife, too many pics to post.

Some came for a closer visit, in fact this one nearly landed on our heads!

We managed to find an ice-cream man! And very lovely ice cream it was.

The boys barbecued of course.

And of course I managed to find a ruined abbey to amble around, keep that in mind for the girls education!


ruth said...

Looks fab Lisa. I went on holiday on the Broads with 14 other people - it is a blog post in itself what went on:)

Lisa said...

Aah yes Ruth, there were much un-postable larks!!

Tammy said...

Oh, that looks like such a good time!!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful time. :)

Dawn said...

I enjoyed your photos so much; they were beautiful. It looks like so much fun.

Jenny said...

Looks fab! loving the ice cream boat!

Bridget said...

Glad you had a lovely time, it looks smashing

Raquel said...

I lived in Belaugh (on the broads), as a child for a while... really loved it there. Glad you had fun xxx