Sunday, 11 May 2008

Lets Hope and Keep Fingers Crossed...

... that the heron who flies over our garden every morning and evening doesn't decide to pay a visit to our pond, because today dh splashed out on four Koi Carp. They're medium sized, so fairly expensive. The girls were delighted because they hand feed my dad's and have been waiting to get some.

Waiting to release the new fish.

Here's the four newbies, one is named Dodger and one is named Holly. Dh and I still have to name ours. Rosie and Jim the goldfish were named some years ago.

Freed into the great unknown.
Dh was working this morning do girls and I whizzed to the supermarket. It was like Christmas in there. Not sure what's got into everyone, I know its hot but for goodness sake the shops are open every day and theres only so much food you can barbeque. Then we went straight to the little garden centre and bought some bedding plants for our pots to replace the spring flowers.

Hettie and I planted up the pots and tidied up the decking and both sets of grandparents came over for the afternoon. Dh obviously arrived home after I'd humped a great big bag of soil and all the pots about.

We had a lovely afternoon sitting on the deck, chatting, eating and of course had a few drinks. The girls played in the paddling pool and ran about. My dad measured up to build the chicken coop - Hooray.


Dawn said...

Those fish are so pretty. Sounds like a pretty good day :)

Melisa & Erik Nielsen said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! I don't get a chance to read often, but I am always glad when I stop by.

Many blessings.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Great photos Lisa, love the one of the girls on the pond. :)

Hope the fish settle in well.


Elle said...

Koi are so pretty, hope they settle well. Can't wait to hear about any chickens you may get. We're thinking about getting some soon. Elle

Mrs. Darling said...

My kids would love a fish pond like that. How cool!