Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Back to normal?

After feeling extremely nauseous along with Issy, I missed most of the lovely weather this Bank Holiday weekend. Dh took Hettie sailing Sunday and both girls Monday, which meant I had a day off. But because I felt horrible I didn't sit in the sun at all. Never mind, back to normal today.

We started off a little late for school so we stayed on the main road and didn't take the short cut to avoid another schools traffic congestion. Unfortunately a young lad got knocked off his motorbike in front of us which meant I had to swing into nurse action, abandon girls in the car and sprint up the road. Fortuately he was ok, apart from being a bit shaken although the lady that hit him was very upset. So then I had to wait for the paramedics and police, give a quick report etc. By now there was a huge traffic jam and we, of course, were late for school.

Well normal day then for us, nothing ever quite goes to plan. Hettie and I thought we may as well stop at grandad's for a cuppa then. But eventually we got back home to school work.

Hettie struggled through subtraction and then we did some of her buildings main lesson. We followed that with another experiment from her solar power kit and finished her reader about Tigers.

I've more or less definately decided to buy Sonlight Core 1 for Isobel, and Hettie if she wants to join in. Although I love Waldorf and Hettie does well with it, I can't see it working for Issy. She's too intensive in the way she learns, but after all isn't that the good thing about home education, its adaptable.


Bridget said...

Glad the motorcyclist was OK. Weather was horrible here all Bank Holiday, sunny today though!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive always wnated to use Sonlight but I dont think it would work for Tink which makes me rather sad.

Dawn said...

I used Core 1 with my daughter and we loved it! I hope you both enjoy it.

Poppy & Mei said...

Phew! What a morning!
I love that you are so mindful with your girls, letting them be themselves...Xxx

Tammy said...

I think Kayla could wrap her mind around waldorf math, but I'm the one that can't seem to handle it. lol. I need structure when it comes to math. Saxon, Sonlight, etc. You're right though, home education is wonderful because you can adapt it to whatever fits.

Emma said...

I think its one of the best things about home edding that you can taylor it to each individual child.