Sunday, 1 June 2008

OK - Enough of the sailing now!!

Yes, there was more sailing on Saturday, Cadet Day at the sailing club. But the kids had a great day despite the very early start. These pics are taken by my SIL, she's getting really good now at this photography lark, and there's a couple I'm going to frame.

Ben and Jess.

Cadets sail off!

Hettie and Abbie with righted boat, after capsizing!

Issy, as I thought, didn't go to theatre club. So we tidied, or rather I tidied and she swanned about chatting to me. We went to the shops, came back and settled down to make a princess door hanger from her princess make and do book. It turned out pretty good:

Then as she was in full collage swing and wanted to make another picture, she happily agreed to make a dinosaur collage for our science work:

OK, so a dinosaur in a pink stripy dress and hat wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Hettie was off to a party in the afternoon and then stayed up to watch a variety of talent show finals on TV. So we all had a lie in this morning, dh decided to give the garden some attention rather than even more sailing. So we weeded, put some scaffold boards to protect the fence and lined the flower beds around the pond. We filled the empty bed with old left over turfs, any old soil we found lying about and then dh & Hettie popped out to buy some top soil. They also came home with a new Ghost Koi. Our other one (the disappearing one) sadly passed away last week.

So now we just need some plants!

Dh worked hard mowing and strimming, so we actually look like we have a garden for a change.

So week 2 of Sonlight tomorrow and a proper school week here - well that's the plan anyway.


Dawn said...

That dinosaur picture is so cute!

Shirl said...

Looks like lots of fun sailing and I love the pink dinosaur. Good luck with Sonlight.

Bridget said...

Love the dinosaur, looks very scary! Garden looks great too. Sorry to hear about the fish.

Ganeida said...

I'm a sailor ~ Manly Juniors, Moths, Fireballs, Cherubs; I liked being trapeze man on the I don't recognize the boats. What are they?

Oh, & we use Sonlight too in our own strange way.

Lisa said...

Ganeida - Hi, I believe they're called Toppers, but don't quote me on that!

Tammy said...

The 3 sailing pictures are beautiful; I think you should frame all of them!