Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sunny Days...

I just love it when the sun is out. It makes me feel happy when I wake up and the sun is streaming in through the windows.

We whizzed off to Issy's play therapy first thing and I managed to have a fair chat with her therapist which was really helpful, and I got lots of useful advice. You know some actual helpful information/direction rather than the old 'you really must make her...' otherwise known as 'its all your fault'. So I felt much happier after we had been today and Issy managed to go to school with minimal fuss.

I ordered Sonlight Core 1 with language arts and science 2 for Isobel today in preparation for her home ed.

My in-laws are down for a week and so Hettie and I went round for a cuppa and ended up staying for lunch (fish and chips - mmm) and Hettie went bug hunting in the garden. When I moaned about our lazy day with no home ed, she said bug hunting is science and she had done some art work as well. The girls caught on I think!!

We rushed home for a quick tidy and piano lesson. Issy went to ballet after school and is excited because they're having a show and she's going to be a fairy. She spent some time making a tissue paper bottle filled with glittery water.

Hettie and I checked her weather equipment, we had a South Westerly breeze, no rainfall and our barometer (no pic) had actually moved indicating a raise in air pressure. We have to fix our weather vane on a post but we held it for now!

And at the weekend I managed to get a pic of Issy missing her teeth. The bottom two grew incredibly quickly. Unfortunately the dentist referred her to another surgery to remove the four at the top which are causing problems and they don't take children under 10, so now we have to make a bit of a trip but it should be within the next 3 weeks so at least it will be quick.

Tomorrow Hettie and I are going to check out chicken coops!


Mrs. Darling said...

What a pretty little girl!

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Glad the play therapy is working out so well. :)

Love the bottom picture of the toothless Issy, she looks so cute.

Shirl said...

Great photos! Love the weather vane.

We're making the most of the sun too - you never know when summer will be over in the UK.

Good luck with the chickens!!

Bridget said...

Issy will make a lovely fairy, she looks halfway there already with her lovely blond hair and big smile, glad the weather equipment is working OK.

Tammy said...

What cute picts of your girls! I love the missing teeth photo. :)

Jenny said...

Lovely pictures!
The weather station is something else we havent done yet. Ill have to get into that too :)
The weather makes me feel much better too, I hope it lasts