Monday, 19 May 2008

To Be Honest....

This hasn't been the best of days. Issy was up late last night yet again. I have this plan that its best not to keep going upstairs to her because then she has an opportunity to chat. So I wait downstairs until I can't hear any movement at all before going to bed. Last night this was at midnight and when I went up I found this.

She had been busy all evening decorating the upstairs landing as a theatre all ready for a 'show' on Saturday. As she know's very well she'll be at nanny and grandads 'cos we are away for the weekend & I presume its her way of making us stay home. Bit sad really. So I left it there all day with the intention of saying lets have a little show tonight. You have to be sitting on the toilet with the door open to get this view! That didn't happen anyway because I had a 'mummy blue fit' after tea when the girls complained I never do anything for them. Mmm bad move girls. This led to the 'theatre' being dismantled, me stomping about a lot and still tidying it all myself while stomping and shouting! Not handled well by me, but hey we're all 'over' tired.

Hettie has had a rubbish HE day. Maths was a huge struggle today with much umming and aahing over 2x3 and so on. Her reading was slow and faltering, and generally got herself in a right old muddle. Thought I would carry on reading the Railway Children but she kept day dreaming and I had to re-read most of what I had just read. So after struggling through copying 4 short sentences for her main lesson - which we discovered she had written with the book upside down - we moved onto Leonardo Da Vinci and finished building his flying machine. Well I did really while she carried on day dreaming.

But my Core 1 Sonlight shelf is good to go - think I may miss the Science 2 reproduction of humans, because 1) I think Issy is too young, 2) She will probably spend the next month asking all and sundry if & how they reproduce and 3) I can't put up with crys of 'Gross' every time dh is within 6 foot of me!

I de-registered Issy from school today and so she finishes on Thursday. This is obviously an added anxiety for her even though she wants to be at home. She also has a show lined up and her first Brownie camp, so as I commented to someone else recently about their son, she has got a lot on her plate at the moment. Although she overheard a mum asking me how her 'therapy' was going and later remarked 'Cool, I'm in therapy just like children on tv' - we really have to cut back on c**p tv. I relented on the theatre bits and helped her put them all in a box ready to put up Thursday evening for a show before we go away. Hettie said 'mum, its a bad week, don't stress'. Ok I thought don't stress, had a long bath, got in my pjs, mildly threatened Issy about going to sleep and settled down to watch Waking the Dead.

Cue Dh - 'What are you watching?'

Me - 'Waking the Dead, I watch it every week'

Dh - 'I've seen this one'

Me - 'No you haven't, its a new series'

Dh - 'No its a repeat, I'll check the paper'

Me - 'You do that'

Dh - 'Says its a new series'

Me - 'I told you that'

Dh - 'Well looks like its a remake of something else'

Me - 'Aren't you practising your guitar tonight?'

Dh - 'No I thought I'd watch this with you'

Cue Issy back downstairs - 'I can't go to sleep'

Cue Hettie back downstairs - 'Can I get a drink'

Dh - 'I'm sure I've seen this one'

Ok, Ok I snapped and shouted again!! Good job I love 'em.


ruth said...

Oh dear - well tomorrow is another day. I hope things go better.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the rough day. Issy's sleep habits sound much like my son's. I often go upstairs at night only to find him asleep under a pile of toys and books.

Mrs. Darling said...

Is it okay to laugh? Boy do I know days like this! We can only keep our sanity for just so long! I dont blame you for snapping!LOl

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

The sonlight stuff is looking good. Do you get all the stuff on both those shelves or the stuff on the bottom shelf? Whichever it is, it sure looks a lot more organised than mine, lol! ;)

As for the evening I think I would have snapped too (mind you that is not so difficult atm...)


Bridget said...

Smashing post, you really made me laugh, I'm glad it's not just my children and my Dh, they all seem to do it, drive you mad that is...

Lisa said...

Fine to laugh, I've had a chuckle myself today !!

Lin - Bottom shelf is all the Core 1, LA & science we got. Top shelf is sort of newish stuff I've been gathering. Not sure how long it'll stay organised!

Tammy said...

Ok, I'm not laughing AT YOU. Just at the fact that we all must be normal. I think we all have days like this.....good thing there is always another tomorrow. :)

P.S. I love that you post so many picts of your schooling area. I clicked on the pict with the have so many great books for the girls to read!

Lisa said...

Tammy I agree, we all have good and bad days!!!!! And yes we've got some good books now.