Sunday, 18 May 2008

Blog Slacking !

I've been slacking on the blogging front this week. Well I've been fairly busy. I'll post again later about sorting my Sonlight stuff.

Hettie had some sort of rash appear on her back, which I thought possibly could be German Measles (Rubella) and then on Thursday Issy got the rash as well. The GP thought it was probably a virus, so who knows. Its gone anyway and they're OK but Issy had to have another day off school!!! We nearly made a complete week as well LOL. Hettie got in a muddle and asked me if I thought she really did have Russian measles, to which I replied I didn't actually know what Russian measles were! Issy calls germs 'germans' so she got a bit confused as well. All this and I only said it 'might be'.

I went out with some old work colleagues on Thursday evening and we had a lovely meal, and a good chat and it was great.

So that aside Issy couldn't have her friend to play on Friday, so she was fed up about that, stayed up til 2am and then didn't want to go to drama group on Saturday morning. Hettie did go to drama and dh took Issy food shopping. I had friends over last night so yesterday was spent, you've guessed it, cleaning and more cleaning. Both girls went to Brownie Revels in the afternoon, where the theme was pirates:

Not a very good few days with Issy, she didn't want me to leave when we got there, back to clinging on etc etc. So she's missed ballet, drama and I was determined she wasn't missing Brownies. Very forunately for me the 'Owls' who run our pack are lovely and they managed to get round her to stay without me. She enjoyed it but didn't like the noise in the hall.

We had a really good laugh with our friends last night, I decided not to cook and got Chinese take away instead. We drunk a fair bit, dh and A played guitar, S played the keyboard and we planned our long weekend on the Norfolk Broads, which is this Friday. T and I aren't too good with our feet off dry land so we're packing travel sick pills!! Hettie came downstairs and played the keyboard for everyone and got a big round of applause. She's getting really confident playing in front of people now. Issy refused to come down except to collect a big bag of sweets from Aunty S !! The girls ate chinese in my bedroom watching tv - rice everywhere - and then followed that up with popcorn, so with the sweets as well they ended up feeling a bit nauseous. But they both were very well behaved and I only had to shout up the stairs twice!

Today I've been doing washing and dh has been sailing. He wanted to race so Hettie didn't go today. The girls decided to get the clay out:

I really, really should do some ironing this afternoon and there is an old episode of Morse on tv to watch!!


Tammy said...

Look at those pirates!!!!! :) What fun photos.

Looks like you all have been having a pretty nice week in spite of the rash.

Bridget said...

Lovely pirates! Morse, I knew there was something I missed with not having a TV! Hope you got your ironing done, I still haven't found the bottom of my basket.

Mrs. Darling said...

I know what you mean about being too busy! It must be the time of year. Sounds like youre kids had lots of fun and you guys too.

Dawn said...

Your girls are very cute pirates. Sounds like a busy week.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Brill pirates!

Clay looks fun too, its ages since mine had clay out...