Wednesday, 28 May 2008

School Work In Holidays????

Yes we actually achieved some school work in official half term. Maybe because Hettie was curious about the Sonlight stuff and Isobel, well she just spends most of the day asking for 'school work'.

So we followed our Sonlight schedule and covered everything and a bit more. They did find it a bit unusual that there wasn't reams of writing to do, just read and discuss. They enjoyed the map work and Charlotte's Web read aloud. The Singapore maths Isobel fairly flew through which gave me chance to work through Hetties with her. But we mostly managed to work together, although they both read to me in the other room separately. I used some letter cubes to back up the spelling work on compound words - well they're only sitting in the cupboard and the girls like them.

They weren't overly keen on science which starts with dinosaurs, so I may have to adapt that a bit. It was nice to get up and work without having to put hours in the night before.

Today we went to a local park (big park) and met a bunch of kids and another home ed mum. We managed to get them all fed in the cafe and they had one of those huge bouncy castle/slides set up, so we paid for them all to get in and then kept our fingers crossed that the heavens didn't open on us. Fortunately it remained very overcast but no rain so we got our full 2 hours worth. Isobel refused to go on anything but did manage to join in some games later on. She was a bit nervous even though she knows all the kids, I think she felt a bit like the 'new kid'.

This evening for once the girls were perfectly happy to listen to their read aloud chapter and start a book about missionary stories. We even managed to have a discussion about who missionaries were and where they went, and why. Isobel was a bit upset when Wilbur the pig escaped his pen and was crying but managed to hang on in there! Then they both did their reading as well. So I can't moan today.


Dawn said...

I really loved reading Charlotte's Web with my daughter. It sounds like your off to a great start!

Tammy said...

Have you seen the newest Charlotte's Web movie? The one that's not a cartoon?

We read the book and then saw the movie. I have to say we all cried at the end of both. :)

Good, good story.....

Emma said...

Sounds like your enjoying Sonlight. Its making my fingers itch to order it now but the catalogue has just arrived in England so I will be able to browse through it and see what I want to order next week when my parents bring it out to me. I can't wait to do Charlotte's Web with my 2.

Lisa said...

Hi Tammy, yes we have the new movie, I left the kids on the sofa watching at the end and snivelled when I could only hear it from the kitchen!!!!!!

Bridget said...

I read Charlottes Web when we were holiday in Cornwall when I was about 10 yrs old, oh happy days.