Saturday, 10 May 2008

And so it continues...

... what lovely sunny and hot weather, after all the wind and rain.

I had to take Issy for a blood test yesterday, which was just to check her general health. She was very good and was rewarded with a lolly, certificate and sticker. It was a bit of a pain because I had to drive to the clinic, go to my mums where I'd left Hettie, then apply the 'magic' cream an hour before the 'blood ladies' could fit her in, then go back to the clinic, and it was hot! Anyway all went well.

Then I took Hettie to the chicken farm as promised and we had a good look at coops, roosts and runs. We saw a wide variety of chickens, geeses, ducks, goats and lamas. I also missed treading on a huge rat asleep in the sun by about 1/4 inch. We decided with grandad's help we can probably build our own coop much cheaper. Much perusing over our chicken books followed and much discussion of the best and worse traits of various breeds. Dh joined in the chat, albeit reluctantly because 'I'm having nothing to do with any chickens' is his standard phrase.

Today the girls went off to drama and dh was working so I took the opportunity to clean through the house while everyone was out. It was so hot in our garden that I had to put the sunshade up so we could eat lunch in the garden. Not long before I had to drag the paddling pool out, donated by my brother, find a foot pump and fill. Not sure an 8ft pool is going to do much for the new grass though!


Dawn said...

It sounds like your getting closer to having those chickens ;) Enjoy that hot weather.

Tammy said...

I think chickens have been our all time favorite pets in my family. We loved gathering the eggs, having them run (waddle?) to us when they saw us, and how they fertilized our grass. Our grass was the greenest it's ever been when we had them.

One funny thing we miss was when we occasionally turned on the t.v. (in my bedroom which has a window to the backyard) and the chickens would hurry to sit under the window and listen too. lol

Oh, and the time one of the chickens went down the slide in the backyard. THAT was funny!

Jenny said...

DH sayd that about our rabbits. He's softening though. they are definitely our territory!
Im very envious of you spending time in the sun!

Lisa said...

I never knew chickens enjoyed tv and slides!