Saturday, 22 March 2008

What to do ..........

Well early planning is a must for this 'two girl' curriculum. Or we are all going to get in a right old muddle. So I've spent some of today poring over the internet again and my collection of books to try and cobble something together. I think I will probably buy some books & bits from Sonlight and try to follow the Waldorf themes for Grade 2. But it's still very much in the early stages, and no doubt will need lots of tweaking.

I found this link The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project which I actually already had somewhere, but I was looking at Ambleside Online (just in case Charlotte Mason was the way to go with Issy LOL). There's a book called Our Island Story by HE Marshall on there which is the history of Britain, but retold in story form and looks great.

The one thing I've learnt is you can't beat good children's literature and most alternative curriculums to the UK National Curriculum are full of great books.

Other than that I've been to Morrisons - twice - the first time it was so busy I couldn't get in, you'd think the shops were going to be shut for a week, not less than 24 hours. Finally tracked down some Easter eggs for tomorrow, I should have bought them weeks ago. Popped to my mum & dads, and started tidying 'cos dh's brother and cousins and families are all coming over tomorrow afternoon. Good opportunity to get the chocolate fountain out me thinks!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

The Baldwin project is brill isn't it? We were reading some of the myths and legends on there.

Chocolate fountain sounds delicious!


Carol said...

We have Our Island Story and love it so much. It isnt strictly accurate but I usually back it up with a history encyclopedia.

ruth said...

We also have Our Island Story and love it too.