Monday, 31 March 2008

Another afternoon free!

Well today my niece took the girls for the afternoon. Issy is doing a little dance for her theatre group (Hettie doesn't want to get up in front of everyone) and my niece is a dancer so she helped Issy plan a little ballet dance. So I found myself alone again. What did I do, well tidied and mopped through and sorted out business tax to pay, all boring but necessary, and I did get to do it all in peace. I also managed half an hour with a cuppa and rubbish tv.

This morning I got our new reward charts out. I think really it's way past time they start helping around the house and really they should do it without reward. But I figure I buy comics and dvds etc anyway and give Hettie some pocket money for helping at the weekend - so pocket money is now the reward which they can then spend on what they want. Or that's the theory!

They started with great gusto today!

I haven't taught Hettie to iron yet - that's for tomorrow.

Issy couldn't do the shoe rack, 'cos tbh she needs some help to start.

Surprisingly enough they were quite knowledgable about how to use the washing machine and sort their darks and lights. Mmm I think we could have started this some time ago!

We're on Spring Holiday so no official HE work today. A reader I ordered for September schedule was read by Issy about 10 mins after it came through the door! I need to go up a Grade or two for her, and hide the readers as they arrive. My Galore Park books (history & english) also arrived and I'm fairly pleased with them. So I may need to have a look at my curriculum again and tweak. Hettie will probably want to use them as well, 'cos dh spent some time reading them and they usually like the same type of layout when it comes to books.

I worked yesterday and dh & girls did the weekly shop. They made dinner, chicken, garlic bread, new potatoes and salad. It was an interesting salad, the girls did all the chopping and included carrots, about an inch thick, some apple and quite a few other things.

Dh actually sat with me for a while and looked at Sonlight and other stuff I'm dithering about. And looked at the curriculum I'm devising. So that was helpful. Surprisingly enough although he would have hated something like Sonlight he thought it looked good for Isobel, and didn't blanch at the cost LOL.

I'm off to look at my new books!


Carol said...

How lovely to have some free time, altohugh isnt it typical that its never actually free time.

The girls are very good at helping round the house, ds not so much so,lol. But I think it is such a valuable thing.
LOL at Issy reading the books, they are fab ones.
What are the Galore Park books?

Lisa said...

Hi C
I bought Junior History 1 & 2, and English 1 & 2. Think you may have covered lots of this with Sonlight but I'll pm you a chpt list if you want.
Lisa x

Carol said...

Oooh yes please! any chance of a sample page photo ***bats eyelids***

Dawn said...

Your reward charts look great. I really need to do something like this with my kids- they definitely need more chores.

CJ said...

I can bat my eyelids just as good as Carol........look I'm batting them ****eyelids****

Can I have a pm the same as Carol, purrrtyyy pleeease ;-)

I make my own reward charts, it's just simply a sad face, happy face chart, must redo it.

I like yours though :-)

CJ x

Lisa said...

Re; The reward charts, I got them off one of those book people that come to the workplace, 99p each!

Bridget said...

We do these charts as well, I told the children I couldn't teach them at home and do all the house work as well, they get ticks for every job, three ticks gets a silver star, five silver stars get a gold star and £1 . Even the 3 yr old does jobs.

ruth said...

I don't have reward charts lol but they do get pocket money for jobs done.