Friday, 21 March 2008

Best laid plans and all that....

In my mind I was imagining Issy finishing school and joining in our dreamy relaxed Waldorf world, with the biggest problem being sorting how to teach one at Grade 2 and one at Grade 4. Issy has had two days 'sick' from school, although to be fair she was actually sick (once), and has joined in with us. She came to the home ed meeting on Wednesday and joined in making Easter cards, again thanks to one of our bigger girls who arranged it all and supervised. Then she went off to play. Hettie was a bit put out at her little sister hanging around!! It was a good meeting, mums and dads all got to have a good chat.

Before we went Issy partially joined Hettie and I with tables practice and ball throwing, and she read a Spring story. Then I set her up to copy a summary from the blackboard. I finished reading the story of Easter to Hettie. When we came home Hettie wanted to paint so we got all the stuff out and they painted. Waldorf works so well for Hettie it never ceases to amaze me, she decided to paint the crucifixion (not my idea). And put her heart and soul into it. She did a little more on Thursday and just has a bit more to finish.

In one day I began to suspect this was not going to be as straightforward as I hoped, especially when Issy declared 'I don't want to do all that rubbish Het does, I want to do proper work' Hettie promptly replied 'I want to stick with Waldorf'. Mmmm!! Mummy hit the internet and scoured the Structured Group archives, once I picked myself up off the floor - 'rubbish indeed'.

On Thursday when Issy finally rose she was ready to work. Unluckily for Hettie I had a plan. I decided after much searching that some structured maths would be good for independent work while I teach the other one. I found Singapore Maths and had placement tests printed and ready to go. It was recommended by another mum, thanks Carol!

Three things came out of this. One they're at the same level, Issy's maths isn't as good as I've been led to believe and Hettie didn't get stressed, managed to complete nearly the whole test and stuck with it. A year ago she would have been in tears. So much for independent maths! I've been umming and ahing about the Sonlight curriculum for Issy. Again thanks to Carol & Ruth for their help & advice. Currently I'm having a little play about to see if I can put something together myself, which incorporates Waldorf type blocks of work but with a more workbook type approach. I'll let you know what I decide, or should I say what Issy agrees to!

Today was house blitzing day. Dh worked all day and so I got stuck in. I managed to shrink Issy's bedroom curtains! But we did get it all done. Issy and I watched best of Riverdance, well I watched and she danced.

And here they are later, slobbed out watching TV.

Oh well such is the life of a home edding mum, no doubt it'll get sorted out or as Hettie said 'If she's going to be at home mum, we need a plan and quick!'


Dawn said...

Isn't that funny how two kids in the same family can have such different learning styles? Good for you for respecting their differences and seeking out what works best for each one. My oldest is transitioning from using Sonlight to a more Waldorf approach right now, it just seems to fit her so well. I can say that we enjoyed the recommended literature of Sonlight so much.

Mrs. Darling said...

Its a amazing how different kid are in their learning styles! It will be interesting to see how this all pans out!

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Good luck with the new style for Issy. I admire you for letting her be herself. :)

Love those little tables. Please tell me where you got them, please please please, its just the sort of thing I could do with for my DCC (this is where they cost a small fortune or are hard to get...)

I love the painting of the crucifixion, it's really good.


Poppy & Mei said...

Your two are so funny!
The painting is amazing, such good work...Xxx

Mary said...

That painting is fantastic.

It is amazing that kids from the same family have two very different learning styles. We have a lot of that same struggle in our house.

Carol said...

Glad I could be of some help :)
Its true, no two kids are the same. Although they both do Sonlight, Abi is far better at it than Emma who needs much more practical work.
You do need a little more planning once you have more than one at home but it will all come together :)

Lisa said...

Thanks all - they are two very different girls !!

ruth said...

LOL at Issy and the rubbish remark - I had one similar off B this pm. Needless to say Waldorf is not floating his boat either so we are back to Sonlight for him and D is staying with Waldorf ;)I love the picture Hettie painted.