Monday, 10 March 2008

A Blustery Day ...

Well the high winds and storms weren't too bad here, it was very windy and rainy but not as bad as some parts of the Uk. One of our mums in our home ed group arranged a sponsored fun day which was to have been in the garden followed by a picnic. Bravely she didn't cancel but transferred indoors. Well they skipped and fished (magnetic) and shot arrows (velcro) and a variety of activities for 2 hours. They wound down a bit towards the end but well done everyone.

Hettie bean bag throwing
Yesterday we slobbed out basically, 3 girls in pjs while dh went off to sail his new Mirror Dinghy with his brother - new to him not a new boat. It didn't sink so that was good and now Hettie can go out in it and learn to sail. We managed to get dressed after I had spent rather a long time on the new SHE forum which is going great guns. I tidied through and washed the floors and we decided we could eat left over Chinese for lunch to save going to the shops. We spent the afternoon building Knex and watching TV, and shared the last 2 bags of popcorn. Issy made some collage pictures as well.

Our first home ed book club meet is this week but it seems everyone has been busy reading Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl and there's a production of it at our local theatre by the Birmingham Theatre Company in the Easter Hols which another mum is arranging. Have to admit this was more luck than organisation by the mums !

What with going out today and last week for the day, and 2 home ed meets and my work, we haven't done any actual work for a week and a half which makes me twitchy. Although both girls have been a bit under the weather anyway, Hettie actually requesting medicine after she stuck her head under the tap to cool herself down! Still hopefully I can work from home tomorrow and we'll get something done.


Carol said...

Glad you escaped the worst of the storms. Sounds like a lovely day and brave of your friend to have lots of kids in the house. Looks like a lovely time was had.

Yes the forums are doing impressively well arent they. I am grateful you are halping too now, I have been a bit slack *blushes*

We get twitchy when we have a break in our routine, life goes that way sometimes.Hope the girls feel better soon.

Lisa said...

Carol - Its always easier with a few helping out, hope you're feeling better.

Dawn said...

Your home ed group sounds great. Congratulations on the "new" boat. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Mrs. Darling said...

Sounds like a good day regardless of how much work got done!

I wish I had a home ed group. I always have to create my own stuff with other people. I get tired of it!