Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Back to it ......

So this morning I decided time to get back to the real work, which didn't start off too well. We started with our ball throwing tables, great with 2's but had forgotten half of the 3's. Never mind I said brightly 'it'll come' which was replied with a grunt! I was going to tackle a poem but thought a tongue twister would be more fun and it was. I decided we would waltz around the lounge as a change from marching, decidedly more laughs.

We moved onto our measurement work and looked at measuring larger areas. Hettie remembered Pa Ingalls measuring his house in strides and we measured feet and strides, and she correctly estimated a yard to be 3 feet. I told her yet another King Henry story. So we measured our strides and the length from our noses to our thumbs, and learnt about a standard yard. Personally I find all the measuring a bit tedious and quite hard to liven up but she seems to be enjoying it.

Hettie wanted to make a beeswax nest for the nature table and we decided it would be a good idea to put eggs in until we see some baby birds about. She has plans for a 'mummy' bird as well.

Sorry the pics a bit blurry. I reminded Hettie the piano teacher will be back on Thursday and she promptly practised for half an hour. She's really quite good considering its only been 2 lessons, so I hope she'll keep it up. I have found out she prefers to practice on her own - without mum looking over her shoulder.

Issy managed to walk from her classroom down the corridor to the hall to Brownies today therefore allowing me to just drop Hettie at the back gate and drive away. It took a fair bit of persuading this morning, but with a combination of support from a stand in teacher, lady in the school office and Brown Owl meant she managed. So I popped to work for an hour or so before picking the girls up. Very luckily a friend donated some Brownie uniform for Issy. So I only need to buy trousers.

We had a letter from school about SATs tests today, asking that we don't take holidays etc etc and could we ensure children are asleep by 7 o'clock, in Issys case I presume they mean 7 in the morning!


Dawn said...

See, this is why I love visiting your blog- you have so many useful and interesting ideas for homeschooling. I showed my daughter the little bird's nest and now she wants to make one. I also appreciate the book suggestions on your side bar.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Hettie's picture is gorgeous, and well done to Issy for going to Brownies on her own. :-)

As for ensuring the children are asleep by seven, they're really having a joke with you there aren't they? How on earth can you make sure a y1 child is ASLEEP by seven, unless of course you drug them, and that's not really recommended is it, lol!

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

Lou is about to head into measuring next week. I remember Hels really liking the block. They did a lot of measuring of muffin ingredients :)

Shirl said...

What a lovely nest ..... :0)

CJ said...

I agree it is a lovely nest :-)

I rather like the picture too, as for SATs...yuck :-(

CJ x

Carol said...

Well done Issy for being brave!
I love Hetties creations- The girls want to make one now :)

SAT's - grrrr!

Mrs. Darling said...

Your kids draw so well! Im jealous! :)