Tuesday, 4 March 2008


... I'm worn out, lots of 'work' work to do and catch up on. We didn't have a great home ed day today which was my own fault really. We dropped Issy at school, her teacher is still off sick but at least we now have the deputy head teaching the class every day, she's had between 3 and 6 teachers a week recently. I came home and Hettie sat down doing a drawing and watching Tv while I caught up on emails, which is usual for us, but we usually start at 9.30am and today we didn't. I had some phone calls, she wanted to finish her picture and the morning drifted by. So basically we lost our Waldorf rhythm. She did manage 20 minutes of piano practice, after I reminded her the new teacher would be back in 2 days time and then we started work on times tables, no joy today, she just couldn't remember. So we gave up on that and started looking at verbs and nouns again. I got about 30 minutes before we gave up.

I decided I might as well get some of my work done and she did some sticking. Dh came home with a new hoover which was good. Then off to Brownies, with Isobel refusing to walk along the corridor to the hall without me taking her. So I had to park for 40 minutes and wait, then walk her along a corridor and then come home with no children. I told her next week she has to go to the hall without me, after all Hettie is there as well. But she did say she'd made some new friends so thats good as she finds making new friends quite difficult.

So all in all not a great day, but could have been worse. In the words of one of my all time favorites, Scarlett O'Hara 'tomorrow is another day'.


Dawn said...

That's right, tomorrow's another day! Hope it goes better for you tomorrow.

Tammy said...

Thanks heavens for a new day! Good thing we get one of those every 24 hours. :)