Thursday, 6 March 2008

Better couple of days!!

Yesterday we went to our home ed group and the kids all made fruit mummys from pieces of apple. We now leave for a week and hopefully should have one rotted piece and one mummified piece! My MIL and FIL popped round for a cuppa before they went home. Hettie went to fencing and managed to pass her Grade One, so that was great news.

Today we went off to the butterfly farm with the home ed group, and we had a great turnout. We were early (40 mins) but sat in the car watching a little sparrow popping in and out a bird box with bits he was picking up. Luckily we saw a pair of bullfinches as well.

It was a bit cloudy but lots of room for running around and we managed to see otters & meercats fed, a parrot type show, and got to hand feed the wallabies complete with baby Joeys in their pouches. They kept popping their little heads out and then disappearing again. We purchased a butterfly habitat kit which Hettie & Isobel have been nagging about for ages. We need to send off for our caterpillars now and hopefully they will turn into butterflies. Its quite a nice kit with good instructions for caring for the caterpillars and how to feed the butterflies for a couple of days before release.

My mum picked Issy up from ballet, as Hettie was having her piano lesson and then we pored over the Waldorf doll book (Making Waldorf Dolls) I have bought. My mum having been an expert toy and doll maker over the years. We discussed where to get sheeps wool for stuffing and my mum is going to see if my uncle can get me a whole fleece, & my MIL is also going to ask around. Then the girls and I can wash & card it. Sure I can get one from somewhere, thought we could try a bit of spinning as well. The one thing I love about Waldorf is I get to do all the things I like!!

I've been busy making some flower fairies for the nature table. Two daffodils & a violet so far. More to follow.


malbridgehouse said...

Well done Hettie. Merecats are my favourite animal (next to dogs of course!) I think they're fascinating. I have a little pottery one in my kitchen window that my Dad bought me.

Carol said...

Well done Hettie.
My girls did the caterpillars last year and loved it. So much so they wanted another lot.

Lisa said...

They only have 3 rescued merecats, but hopefully one is with children. Glad caterpillars seem to be successful!

Mary said...

Those little flowers are so cute!

Dawn said...

Your flower fairies are so cute! That sounds like so much fun to get a fleece and do everything from carding the wool to spinning all yourself.

Poppy & Mei said...

Great post!
Good on you Hettie!
The picture of the joey made me all gooey eyed. Definately time to go home I think.
Love the dolls, can't wait to see more!
Lisa, I've been meaning to tell you for ages, YOU HAVE THE BEST HAIR! Xxx

Lisa said...

Ha ha my hair has been one curly nightmare all my life and is in desperate need of a cut!

Girls love the flower fairies I'll post more pics again when I've made some more.

Lisa x

ruth said...

Well done to Hettie. I love the flower faeries.

Jenny said...

Well done Hettie! All that practicing has paid off!
Love your flower fairies! So cute!
I had an 'inkle' loom when I was younger... very easy and fun to do,it might be worth investigating if you are into spinning and weaving?

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Well done to Hettie, clever girl!

Love those flower fairies too.