Monday, 17 March 2008

Good fun today....

We had a really good day today - cue lots of pics! We arranged with the home ed group to go to Hadleigh Castle today for a run around and games. We all left it to the last minute waiting on the weather, but it was sunny so we set off with picnic. Hettie and I were the first there and it was glorious. The sun shone and we read about Hadleigh Farm being the first farm colony set up by the Salvation Army in 1886 and meandered up to the castle ruin.

There was not a soul in sight and we imagined who lived there and what they were like. The others soon followed and I have to say it got a little cloudy and very chilly. The kids all ran off despite us carting swing ball, skipping ropes, rounders bats etc up the hill. I'm quite getting into this picnic lark, not previously my thing pre home ed, and took flasks & tea making bits which kept us mums going! The kids were all playing an elaborate pirate game as far as we could see, so we had a good chat about a very wide range of subjects, and I mean wide!!

Walking up to the castle

View over the Thames from the castle

Castle ruins

We noticed a film crew and some people standing about. It isn't too unusual for photographers and people filming to be up at the castle so we didn't take too much notice apart from wondering what they were filming in passing. We ended up roaring with laughter about something and one of the film lot approached and said they were filming a documentry and our laughter was interefering with their sound recording - very nicely I might add - and we ended up chatting to them all. It turned out that some of them were the original members of the band Dr Feelgood. Well I'd heard of them but couldn't quite tell you what they sung etc, but I know a man who most definately would. So I got some pics.

About 1967/8

Two of them 2008 (doubt they'll ever read my blog and apparantly they're famous anyway)

When I got home and dh asked me about our day, I said we'd met some chaps at the castle - ha ha ha. I explained what had happened and dh nearly had a fit, especially when I said I wasn't quite sure who they were. He had me watching Dvd's, looking at album covers trying to work out which band members they were. Lets face it he wished he'd met them and we didn't really know who they were!!! He's gone on about it for quite some hours now. I did agree with him that we should have asked for free tickets for their tour, too late now. We girls had good fun anyway, kids were caked in mud and hopefully next time we go it will be warmer.

Just as a last note before I sign off, I've read a lot about Waldorf dolls and thought I might make one for Issy. So here is stage one which was one evening's work. She's really excited about it and is busy deciding what to call her and what hair style she should have. Hettie was looking slightly envious - she doesn't 'do' dolls - until I explained I could make a boy doll, and she said that would be OK.

I'll post more as she develops! Hopefully her looks will improve.


Michelle said...

What a great field trip. Lovely scenery.

Dawn said...

A picnic at old castle ruins? That sounds so incredible to me. I'm not sure who Dr. Feelgood is either but it sounds like a lovely day.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

I remember Dr Feelgood, used to listen to them in the 70s! Great band. :-)

Your day at the castle looks great, we love picnics now too, funnily enough it was not something we really did pre-home ed days either.


Thea said...

We used to do picnics more when Robynne was younger, we still do them now occasionally, but she's only happy if she can bring her drawing pad and be left alone lol. We would have come to the Castle, but, Robynne doesn't do running around - well 'cept when the others chase her lol..

Lisa said...

I love it at the castle, its nearby and yet we don't often go. Hettie wants to go up there sketching as well!