Saturday, 8 March 2008

New Forums ...... Waldorf ....... and holidays!

I really enjoy the Structured home ed group, it has lots of people posting, lots of nice chat, lots of great ideas and lots of advice. Oh and loads more. So it seems today L and C have been working hard to set up a Structured Home Education Forum and a great job they've done. It hopefully will make it easier to follow threads of topics and cut down on emails. I've been at work all day but tomorrow I'll find some time to add links I've got. Good job girls! I should say I do enjoy other groups as well, obviously our local one I run with S.

As for Waldorf well I just thought I'd mention a couple of other resources I've found particularly helpful, i.e. I've actually used them :0) First is Eugene Schwartz Waldorf Curriculum Year by Year info free on the website, which I have used as a basic plan for a year of work. I have adapted it to suit us but gave me a good starting point. I also bought his Grade 3 CD (emailed to me) which when I first got it looked like a lot of pics of students work, which it actually is, but once I started Grade 3 I found I go back to that work over and over again, have picked up summaries, got ideas of what we're aiming for in our main book.

I quite like Eric Fairmans 'Volumes' - have a confession here I got all in a muddle and ordered Volume 1 which obviously corresponds to Grade 1, so then had to re-order Volume 3 for Grade 3 Duh! This is a book I dip into to check if there's anything I've not included.

I also enjoyed Donna Simmons audio talks for Grade levels and they are quick to download and fairly inexpensive. Although she goes on an awful lot about all the baking I should have done by Grade 3 and to be quite honest I need a recipe book for a fairy cake.

So onto holidays. When I met dh he had a lovely old VW camper van and we used to pootle off to North Devon usually twice a month and for every holiday we had from work. He surfed and I read and sunbathed. He did teach me to surf ut I did end up in hospital! Then Hettie came along but we carried on with the camper. We went so often the lady the owned the campsite babysat for us! Then Isobel came along and the camper van shrunk internally. So with heavy heart (and I think a tear) dh sold it and we bought a caravan, which we left in Devon. My sister moved to Spain and so we started going to see her, got busier, started our own business, and sold the caravan. Well actually dh sold it while we were still on holiday actually sitting in it.

But now after a long 3 year absence from North Devon we're back in August - hooray. Only a week but a nice little place right on the beach, walking distance from the lovely ice cream parlour & pub, and we'll be able to stop at some friends on the way in Somerset who we haven't seen for ages, which reminds me I must, must drop them a line to let them know we're coming or they're bound to be out!


Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing the helpful resources. Your holiday sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words re the list and forum (blushes)

Hope you enjoy your holiday in Devon


Lisa said...

Did forget to mention our hols are not til August, but its booked and we're excited!!

CJ said...

Thanks for the link to the group and the forum, will check them out and join.

Thanks for the resources too.

CJ x

Carol said...

Your holiday plans sound very exciting. I love visiting Lynmouth and North Devon, I used to live in Devon and we went there a lot.
Thanks the kind words about the Forum *blush*

Tammy said...

Thanks for the links. I clicked on all of them, but especially love the Eugene Schwartz one. I love to find resources for Waldorf.

Thanks again!

P.S. Your holiday sounds like it will be fun. :)

ruth said...

I love Nancy and Bobs :)

Lisa said...

I must admit I love Bob & Nancy but its terrible for making me browse & then buy LOL

Lisa Anne said...

Its nice to read about Waldorf Homeschooling in England, thanks for sharing your resources and your adventures.

I also have memories of tooling around in a old VW camper, but those days are long gone...