Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Library Choices.......

Today we went off for the home ed group meeting. It was the book club meet so we didn't need to take anything along with us, and there was a great turn out 12 adults and about 18 kids! Issy has decided she doesn't like doing work about dinosaurs, so I said pick some books for a project to do while Hettie finishes up her work.

She came back with 3 book on 'allergies', 'cuts, bumps and bruises' and 'tooth decay'! Someone commented she's either going to be a doctor or a hypochondriac when she grows up LOL!! Still she picked the books herself so we'll roll with it for now.

The sun shone this afternoon at last and we sat on the trampoline when we got home and read our read aloud and they both read to me, so we've managed to keep more or less on our schedule so far this week. We planted one lone grassy plant in our new flower bed - donated by my dad so I'd best look after it.

We've got a family sailing day on Saturday again, if there's not torrential rain of course and we're of to Nanny Norfolk's on Monday for a few days, hopefully there won't be rain there either!


Dawn said...

I hope you have a great sailing day on Saturday. I'm hoping the rain will hold off where I am as well- we have plans to go to an amusement park.

Tammy said...

"...a doctor or a hypochondriac..."

Oh that's funny! :)