Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Times Flying By ........

Not sure where the time is going lately. Still we had a fairly quiet weekend, dh and Hettie went sailing on Sunday and spent the day having dads v kids races. Kids won, I think dad's got disqualified for cheating!

We spent some time looking at steam power using a little boat we have that runs from a tea light candle and wind power using a boat Hettie bought in Norfolk, which runs via a balloon. We raced them around the pond for a bit. This followed on nicely from looking at wind power at the windmill last week.

A friend of ours keeps frogs and Hettie had a hold, Issy wanted nothing to do with them at all. Obviously Hettie then wanted to keep frogs! No way.

African Bull Frog

Tree Frogs, Kermit and Fraggle.
On the school work front we've done fairly well this week so far. Issy is still finding it a little hard to concentrate, but I thing she'll settle down - hopefully she'll settle down. They both went off to Brownies tonight and enjoyed seeing their friends, after spending the afternoon at nanny's playing with a huge cardboard box.

I went last minute panic buying because I'm off to an Ascot Ladies Day, although not at Ascot but at a big posh Spa place, on Thursday. Fortunately I found a nice dress and bought it in the first shop. Great I thought and bought a pair of those huge knickers that go up to your bust to suck it all in. No I'm not posting a piccie of them and they cost almost as much as the dress.

Unfortunately the dress is white and green which meant finding matching shoes, hat and handbag! Would you believe it I couldn't find one pair of white high heels - I do live in Essex after all, and we are renowned for our love of these shoes. But after 2 1/2 hours I managed to get a green pair of shoes and bag, and a white hat. You wouldn't believe how many hats are cream, and how expensive those little feather things are. I flatly refuse to spend £15 on a feather on a hair slide! My nephew has just got engaged - lets hope its a summer wedding and I can use the hat again, which dh describes as a dinner plate on a head band.

So now I've read this back it sounds like an awful outfit but I may even post a piccie on Friday! Ok off to work out how to get this curly mop pinned under the hat.


Maymomvt said...

well....I want a photo :)

Dawn said...

Going to Ascot Ladies Day sounds very elegant and exotic to me over here in Washington state ;) I hope you have lots of fun and take some pictures!

Tammy said...

Oh, I want photos too! :)

And your girls are so brave to hold those frogs.....ew! lol

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

yep, photo please... :)

Frogs look cute, not sure I'd want to be giving them a cuddle though, lol!