Thursday, 5 June 2008

At Last The Sun Did Shine!

We were up early (bit of a shock to our systems) to take Issy to play therapy, which entailed me dragging her out from under the duvet protesting strongly that she was 'ill'. Still we got there and with a little persuasion she went in. Advice this week is to get her up at 6am every morning, as a late riser myself my immediate response was 'You are joking!' to which our lady replied, 'No I'm not'. So I've decided best to start with 7am after we come back from Norfolk.

Everyone brightened considerably when I said we were off to the garden centre to buy some plants. Its a lovely big place wih lots of playhouses to try out, a huge shop and plant area. Oh, not forgetting the fish and water section, which luckily is not far from the toilets, as Issy almost always has to go after wandering round that bit.

We bought a bargain book on dinosaurs, a garden bird sticker book and a princess letter writing book, some bird seed. That was before we got to the plants and after I'd said we are definitely, definitely not buying anything in the shop! We spent a good couple of hours and all dithered about which plants to buy for around the pond area. Eventually with a boot load we left. Have to say Hettie had quite a good eye for choosing plants and just needs to learn a bit more about full sun, shade etc.

We had a tidy round, and went for MacDonald's, I know rubbish but I fancied it and there were no complaints. We actually got to sit in the garden and eat, and I read our read aloud's. Issy had her first piano lesson after Hettie and enjoyed it. While each one was playing the other sat with me and did some maths and english work.

Dh finally got home and we decided where to put the plants, taking a long time looking at height and spread etc, and then just bunged them in where we thought!

Friends over tomorrow, so we'll have to be up early, 1) I've got to pop to work, 2) I've got to get something for lunch and 3) Obviously I've got to tidy up as usual. Maybe we'll start getting up at 7am tomorrow after all.


Dawn said...

Wow.. six am is early! I sometimes drag myself out of bed that early but it isn't easy at all.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...


Play therapy or torture????

Even I, who wakes at around 6 most mornings, would not want my kids up that early! Am now trying madly to work out reasons that she would say Issy should be up by 6am...


Lisa said...

Hi Lin, I think its to see if she's just really in a bad routine or if she will be able to stay up until midnight if shes up earlier every day, presumably looking at some kind of special need dx. Think I'd rather she was up late LOL

Tammy said...

I'm curious. Why the advice to get her up at 6am for the week?

Um, never mind. lol. I just saw your comment you posted. :)

And your pond....seriously....very cool. I love the photos!

ruth said...

I get up at 6 am but what is the thinking behind doing it everyday? Oh sorry just seen the comment - going to bed earlier won't happen if she is like our D - he just burns the candle at both ends:0

Lisa said...

Hi Ruth - I think that she will also be able to burn that candle!

Bridget said...

We're up at six am, Eden's still reading her book long after Dh and I are in bed. I remember I use to be the same, Lord I wish I could still survive on six hours sleep!!