Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sweet Caroline !!

Last night dh and I drove up to the O2 Centre in London to see Neil Diamond. We've never been to the O2 before and it was so much better than we thought it would be. It's vast, and was a bit like a small village in a huge tent. Apparently there are 548 toilets in there! Lots of restaurants and a huge cinema.

It was rammed with people and we managed to meet some friends for a quick drink before we went in, and then separated off to find our seats. You're technically not allowed to take a camera, but hey this is my phone!! Our seats were terrific, just above the stage and boy, am I glad we weren't at the top which was extremely high up!

Every seat was full by the time it started. Although I was going to be quite sensible I'm afraid I leapt up and cheered with them all when he came on stage. All I can say was it was absolutely fantastic, we sang, cheered and clapped for two hours solid with no intermission. I can't possible decide which bit I enjoyed most, but have to say that Sweet Caroline had the whole place rocking and screaming for more. I had a lump in my throat when he sang love On The Rocks, it was so beautiful. Dh beared up well ;0)

Pics aren't very good as we were all sneakily taking them while a handful of security men tried to stop a million middle aged women using their phones!! I think they secretly looked a bit scared myself. Our nearest security man unfortunately tried to tell off the crowd to his left and promptly all the phones were out on his right. As he spun round all the people to his left promptly took out theirs! It was a loosing battle, but the poor lad tried his best.

So, today my feet are killing me but it was sure worth it, and I've been singing all day!


Angelstar said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time- such a long time since I went anywhere like that. Cx

ruth said...

Oh wow. I wanted to see him too but he nearest he gets to us is not doable. What fantastic night.

Dawn said...

Oh fun! I love Neil Diamond's voice and his songs. I'm laughing at the image in my head of all the middle aged ladies taking pictures with their cell phones. I recently bought tickets to a concert for later on this summer and it said NO CAMERAS in big print...the first thing I thought of was that I could just use my phone ;)

Maymomvt said...

The second I saw the title of your post I started singing that song in my head!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh Lucky you! I love Neil Diamond!

Blodi_fab said...

OMG...I'm so jealous!! ;o)

Jenny said...

I just saw hime at Glastonbury!Compleyely by accident... and boy does he know how to work a crowd!
AND... yes the song of the day was sweet Caroline!

Tammy said...


Can you hear me screaming clear over here in the U.S? I am SO jealous (in a good way)! lol

I'm so glad you were able to go and sneak some pictures, too!

What a fun event to go to and wonderful memories you will have.