Sunday, 8 June 2008

Our Birds Have Flown The Nest....

After many days of frantic flying to and fro with beakfuls of caterpillars and worms, and lots of cheeping outside the kitchen window, suddenly silence and no activity. So we left the box for a week and half to make sure no-one came back and today we investigated. Fortunately all the babies have flown, but there were 4 tiny eggs left behind. Definately cold and left by the way!

The girls were made up to hold such tiny eggs.

We cleaned the box out and pulled the nest apart to see what our little Blue Tits had used to build it with.

Hettie got stuck in to have a good look.

So a bit of nature science today! We had a lovely sunny day today. Dh and Hettie were sailing yesterday and this afternoon. I did mountains of washing and ironing - a lot of it I watched all of Primeval weekend. Issy made a collage magazine which kept her busy.

We spent this evening packing to go to nanny and grandad's at Norfolk tomorrow - and by the time they read this we should be on our way! I'll ring you if I get lost.


Dawn said...

What a great learning opportunity for your girls to see a bird nest and eggs up close. Have a great weekend.

Bridget said...

Wow, what a great idea, finding out what the birds made their nest with. Hope you have a lovely time at Nanny and Grandads

Tammy said...

What a great nature science bit! The eggs are so tiny. Wow, they look no bigger than jelly beans.