Thursday, 12 June 2008

Home Again ...

I drove to Norfolk, bearing in mind dh has driven every time we've been over the past 12 years, and didn't get lost once. Hooray! And we arrived late morning to lovely sunny weather. Nanny cooked a lovely lunch and the girls played in the garden. We had a walk around the local shops - full of bits for little girls to spend their pocket money on. Late afternoon when it cooled down a bit we went off to the beach and collected shells. The girls played on the sand dunes and had a great time.

The next day we went of to Bircham Windmill. We climbed to the top, not a good idea to look down from that high up. The girls made some bread and they bake it for them. Delicious smells wafted through everywhere! I left half a cake at nannys so grandad will have to finish it off!!

We got up to the little platform at the top.

From the first platform.

Baking bread.

Isobel did a little quiz.

Hettie, as usual, was like a magnet to the animals!

We had lunch at the windmill and then went off to a nature reserve for the Hawk and Owl Trust and saw the Marsh Harriers that are currently appearing on Spring Watch. No pic of them, just too far away for my camera.

Issy managed to capture this nice pic!

An obigatory game of Pooh Sticks!

We got to look at this lovely baby Kestral, just 5 weeks old.

On our last day we went to visit the Earl of Leicester - OK we didn't actually visit him, but nosed around his house and garden!! We didn't have time to go inside, but boy has he got some great views out of his windows.

Holkam Hall - nice pad!

One of the many garden views!

You can see more professional pics at there website here. We're planning to go back in summer and spend a full day there. Issy dreamed of marrying a handsome Prince and Hettie wondered how you get a job on a big estate.

And so it was time to come home again. I took a wrong turn and went 3/4 hour out of my way 'cos I got stuck on a major long road where I couldn't turn around Duh!! Still dh was overjoyed to see us again (well happy anyway) - for about 15 minutes I guess, when he disappeared with his guitar upstairs in the back room!

And no we didn't do any of the school work I took!!


ruth said...

Looks liek you all had a great time :)

Dawn said...

I enjoyed the beautiful photos. Norfolk looks like a place I'd love to visit. I just looked at the website you linked to...that place is amazing!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh I wish I could have gone with you. I so need a vacation and how cool is that mansion!Wow!

Elle said...

Lovely photos. I remember going to Bircham Windmill some time ago. Like the idea of making your own bread there and think my Katie would love the animals too. Must go back soon. Elle

Tammy said...

I'm GLAD you didn't do any of the schoolwork you took! It looks like it was too much fun to spoil it with schoolwork. ;)

The photos are so pretty. The windmill is gorgeous. The baby kestral is so cute. And OF COURSE a game of Pooh Sticks was in order.

Looks like you all had such a great time.

J's mum said...

I love your blog, and it looks like you all had a great time,

Nicky in New Zealand

Raquel said...

ahhh brought back memories...I spent some of my childhood in a village called Belaugh (on the Broads). The sand dunes in Norfolk are so much fun. We are thinking of going up there for a day out soon. :D