Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Little Bit Of Dancing !

We had a little look at dancing around the world today. It was a little dry so I added some You Tube clips of various folk dances and then the girls pranced about the lounge!

We went to the shops to collect new Brownie uniforms which I'd ordered weeks ago and ambled about a bit. Popped into nannies to get the Brownie trousers turned up and hemmed.

Dh got home early and had a look at Hettie's electronics kit with her - she has had it since Christmas!

And a little bit of filn Isobel made this weekend in the garden, excuse the building site bits, we're saving them in case they come in handy!

If it was dark it could be the Blair Witch Project.


ruth said...

Love the picces and Issy film - what a star :)

Dawn said...

I loved the video..Isobel has quite the cute personality.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Great film! Like Ruth said, she's a little star. :)


Emma said...

You Tube is great for finding videos relating to what you are studying. Great Video.

Tammy said...

"We've got some LOVELY flowers over here....." Oh how cute is this video? I can't tell you how it made me smile and how much I needed a good smile! :)

Jenny said...

Thats so swee!

Carol said...

Lovely pictures and film.