Saturday, 16 February 2008

What can I say ....

Except we're worn out this evening! In fact I'm so tired I can't think what to write and we're going out to dinner tonight, which means tidying before my mum & dad get back to babysit and getting ready. I actually feel like a long soak in the bath and pj's with a take away!

Anyhow we worked hard today helped, as always, by my dad Albert or Bert as dh calls him. And although there is no turf down yet, we have a fairly flat area, rotovated and ready for topsoil & turf tomorrow. Fortunately for us my dad is a gardening expert.


I tackled the never ending war with the brambles, and then I started digging over one of the beds ready for potatoes to be planted, unfortunately with Bert looking on (in foreman capacity) nothing less than double digging would do. I dug every bramble root I could find out and painstakingly pulled any other weed and root out by hand. It doesn't actually look much but if I can finish tomorrow the pots can go in. Then just two more beds to go for the rest of the vegetables.

The girls ran round all day and so did the dog. So everyone is muddy and tired out and hopefully will all sleep well tonight. I know I will.


Angel said...

Sounds like brilliant(if exhausting) fun. We are doing similar with our garden too.

Tammy said...

WOW.....just WOW!

What a lot of work! It looks great!

Shirl said...

Looks like its going to be superb when it's finished and everyone looks like they had loads of fun!