Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Back to school!!

I worked yesterday and did some running around, errands and shopping so we delayed school work until today. Having purchased the Live Education home school curriculum I've been spending some evenings reading and re-planning our days. From the initial consultation form and telephone chat I have to say I recieved exactly the right package of curriculum books. I had a prompt reply to some questions I had today with some good ideas as well.

So today we started with learning a poem. I chose The Owl by Alfred Tennyson for the first one and we marched about the lounge in time to reciting the poem. It leant itself well to some actions as well, despite my initial thoughts that it might be too 'difficult' for Hettie to learn. We followed up with ball throwing and catching practising the two times tables. Then it was onto our buildings and shelters main lesson and we looked at desert dwellings. This led to a lot of looking at deserts on world maps and in atlases. I've also taken some Grade 3 ideas from Eugene Schwartz Elements of Grade 3 which has been really helpful.

After lunch we watered the new lawn - got to take care of it now! Then off to the shops to get some material for our nature table before Brownies this evening. We had some good news in that Issy can start Brownies next week which is a lot earlier than we expected.

I've spent the evening sorting out lapbooks for our local group for tomorrow and so now I'm going to sort out everything ready to take, and then sit back with a glass of chilled white wine!


maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

Lou's class has just examined the tundra and desert southwest--so igloos and pueblo dwellings. She is taking it very seriously.

On the airplane today, there was an article on how to build an igloo written by someone I know from our local science museum! Anyway, H was able to relate the principles of building an igloo to the keystone principle in a Roman Arch and Lou was able to tell me all about the tundra. It was one of those great moments.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh I love the way yur day is going. It osunds like the kids are having lots of fun. Im writing my own post about restructuring Tink. Springtime does that to me. LOL

Tammy said...

I can't wait for the 3rd grade stuff! :) I sure wish I would have known about Waldorf when my older two daughters were younger.

.....But.....I am sure enjoying this approach with my youngest daughter!

Poppy & Mei said...

Your days sound like such fun!
That glass of wine doesn't sound half bad either...;P Xxx