Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy birthday to you!

Hettie woke up at half past midnight. I explained it was not morning to which she replied 'I thought it was dark' and wandered off back to bed. She was still up early.

She got lots of fencing clothing and a great bug catcher. She caught a centepede this afternoon and the magnification was excellent, well everyone else thought so but I squealed! We had a successful meeting at the library where our local home ed group meets each week. They're happy for us to continue meeting there (for free) and are being really helpful. We can do craft - hooray! It was a good group meeting with lots of families today and Hettie had a good time.

It's also nanny's birthday today so we went round for dinner & cake tonight. Hettie picked up some more cash and a fencing glove. Fortunately it was fencing class tonight so she got to use all her new kit and we had arranged through the club to buy her a sword. So one very happy nine year old has finally gone to bed! (With a dire warning of however tempting it may be to chase your annoying little sister round the house with a real sword it is extremely dangerous)


Poppy & Mei said...

What a great birthday.
I hope you are feeling better Lisa...Xxx

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy Birhtday to your daughter. Looks like she got just what she wanted! Bless her heart.