Friday, 15 February 2008

A nightmare with the turf ... and Monopoly

We sat in today waiting for our turf and played monopoly, which Hettie got at Christmas. Both girls loved it and got the hang of it really quickly. Isobel - our little fluffy pink girl - became a lethal female tycoon as she raced round the board with hotel hotspots springing up everywhere. It was really good maths practice with lots of working out of money and counting moves. Hettie realised some strategy was a good idea.

In the middle dh rang to say the man with the turf was outside - he was actually next door which was why I wasn't answering. The top soil hadn't arrived only the turf, but should be here tomorrow he said. Fine I said shivering in the cold (what happened to the sun) and waited while he lifted the pallet of turf down from the lorry.

The trolley jack couldn't lift the pallet over the little kerb. Much grumbling began about 'I'm always saying it's too heavy'. I stayed patient for about 20 minutes, but then suggested perhaps we could carry some of the turf down the drive to lighten the load. So I ended up carrying half the turf myself. Eventually when most of it had been carried and I was freezing and covered in mud he managed to move the trolley onto the pavement. It then got stuck halfway down the drive because the nylon stuff that had been holding the turf on had got all wrapped around the wheels. Another 20 minutes later he dragged it the rest of the way.

Once he was on his way (still grumbling) we had a lunch break and back to monopoly while we waited for the rotovator to be delivered. Fortunately this chap said 'sign the sheet luv and get back in the warm' which I obviously did. Monopoly carried on until Issy landed on a particularly expensive road of Hetties and refused to pay. Ok we laughed at the face she pulled despite knowing it would cause a tantrum, which it did. She stomped off and I worked out the final assets. They whooped me, Isobel won - no more Mrs Nice Mummy, in the future its every girl for herself as far as monopoly is concerned.

Dh arrived home and had to lug all the turf into the back garden but Hettie wrapped up and went to help. She also unloaded the dishwasher, filled up the bird table and carried in a load of wood for the fire. Have a feeling she's after something!

Well she tried!

So now tomorrow hopefully the topsoil will arrive and we will have enough turf!

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Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Oops! And here was me hoping it would all go swimmingly and you'd inspire me to get off down the garden centre for sand, soil and turf. Now I'm thinking maybe not, maybe I'll just seed it. I am such a chicken, lol!

Hope your topsoil comes tomorrow and the rest goes well.