Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Nasty Virus...

...struck me down very suddenly, hence the lack of blogging! I actually took to my bed and emerged for three awful hours on Sunday to host Hettie's birthday party, which fortunately was booked for ten pin bowling. Two mums helped organise the kids so I just had to sit and look like I was enjoying it.

I had ordered some Waldorf curriculum materials from Live Education, which arrived promptly. They are very pricey but I was spending a lot of time trying to plan our curriculum and you do get consultations included in the price. I finally felt like looking at them last night and although we did some work yesterday (last week was a right off) today we were a bit better organised.

We started with two times table warm up throwing a ball to each other. I think technically it should have been a home made bean bag, but the ball worked just as well. We followed that with a little mental maths, adding numbers to 20. We should have carried on with buildings, but some spelling work seemed to be a better option. The Live Ed books did help me sort out how to present spellings in a different way so was quite successful.

We were going to make a maths board game after lunch, but Hettie is a keen fencer and is starting her Grade 1, so we spent the afternoon looking at the various parts of the epee. We also started on the rules of fencing etiquette.

So tomorrow Hettie will be nine - wow where does the time go? No doubt she will be up at the crack of dawn waiting for presents!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

woohoo, today is 'tomorrow' so it must be Hetties birthday, :-)

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Hettie. Hope you have a lovely day and don't eat too much cake! ;-)


Shirl said...

Happy Birthday Hettie ... :0)

Lisa said...

Thanks I've passed it on to Hettie! Lisa x