Sunday, 24 February 2008

Badgers and Birthdays ....

We woke up to a lovely sunny day, and a lovely clear view out of our bedroom window - we don't have curtains. The photo doesn't really do justice as we could see clear across to Kent today.

However we also woke to three big holes and a few smaller ones freshly dug in the new lawn. The badgers had struck overnight, despite our fencing in the area, at least one had burrowed up onto the lawn. We have had over 20 in the garden before (when I used to feed them every night) but not any for a while now. Badgers apparantly move sett periodically, a bit like moving house. I have heard them recently back in the garden again, so maybe they've moved back into their old sett. I think it was only one, any more and there probably wouldn't be any turf left. Still dh spent some time fixing the fence more securely and filling the holes in.

Despite some cursing of them under my breath, I do know their babies should have just been born and in a few months will be pottering about. I do love the babies in the garden, but will resist the temptation to feed them - well at least by the back door or on the new lawn.

And Issy was 7 years old today. It was all a bit too much excitement for her, but we had a lovely day.

Lots of pink wrapping paper is essential.

Baby Born complete with ice skating outfit.

Sylvanian Grand Hotel - heaven knows where that's going to go!

We had nanny & grandad over for Sunday roast this afternoon and birthday celebrations.

More presents! My Auntie S sent Issy a beautiful gold necklace, which I think may need to be put away safely but she loves it.

Nanny had a lovely time playing with the hotel!

We're now watching Bruce Forsyths 80th birthday, you gotta love Brucie! And a new series of Lewis tonight, not quite as good as Morse, but I still enjoy it. I'm loving Ashes to Ashes as well, I seem to be developing a strange attraction to Phillip Glenister much to dh's amusement. Ok must get knitting some flower children for the nature table which needs to be changed in the next couple of weeks.


maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

I confess I've never seen a live badger before! Sounds like a fun birthday.

Carol said...

How lovely to have badgers! (Although not for your lawn)
Happy Birthday Issy, glad she had a great day.

Mrs. Darling said...

That looks like any little girls dream birthday!

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

What a lovely day.

Happy birthday Issy.


Dawn said...

I don't think badgers live where I do. I loved the photo if them. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl.

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone. Badgers look so sweet when they're snuffling about the garden however they also cause mass destruction in a very short space of time!!! lisa x

Jenny said...

wow, fab piccies badgers! amazing! ( not quite so amazing for your new turf though!)... Happy birthday Issy!