Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunsets and sunny days....and chickens!

We had the most beautiful sunset yesterday while we were at the wedding reception, it was a lovely day. The wedding was great although I must admit to feeling a tad under the weather today! The girls had a lovely time and went to bed at midnight.

So, technically its The Thames but on a lovely day in Southend you could be anywhere!

We decided today as it was so nice & sunny again we'd get some gardening started. The blossom is appearing and that means the never ending brambles and weeds will soon be choking the garden again if we don't get an early start. Its a big garden and we need some organisation if we're ever to get on top of it all, so we've decided to firstly spend a couple of weekends getting rid of rubbish. By the way it doesn't look steep but you need an oxygen tank on the way back up!

Isobel picked some weeds and re-planted them. The furry wellies are for fashion gardening!

Sisters can play nicely together then!

Well we should have good weather all week and Isobel is on half term holidays so we should be able to get more gardening done, and that fits nicely in with our Waldorf Grade 3 curriculum. We're going to look through our gardening books together and make a wall chart for when to plant seeds etc. Dh is planning the turfing of the top of the garden which in turn means I am of course planning flower beds & borders. He also, somewhat reluctantly discussed somewhere to put up a chicken coop - Hooray!


Tammy said...

Looks like such a pretty garden spot!

Chickens....they were our favorite pets. I'm guessing you don't have them yet, as you are trying to decide where to put the coop. So....prepare yourselves for so much fun!

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay we are in the heart of winter. I am now officially ready for spring. I want to garden too. Waaaa.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Great news about the chicken coup. Garden looks lovely too, good luck with all the gardening activities over half term. :-)


maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

I am looking forward to connecting gardening to grade 3 this year as well. Right now, though, we're in igloo mode.

CJ said...


Just introducing myself, I came across you via activity homeschool, (I think)

Lovely blog, I like your style of writing. I've got a few ideas from reading it.

I hope you get your chickens, they are what I want too, so reading up as much as I can on them :-)

CJ x

Lisa said...

Weather seems to be holding but girls would love to build an igloo!

dawny said...

what a lovely view you have.