Thursday, 14 February 2008

Flowers are .....

.... the way to a girl's heart!

So are tickets to see Neil Diamond at the O2 Centre in London! Lucky me. Lazy morning and then got into gear and tidied and cleaned top to bottom, and managed to produce a nice meal of salmon on a bed of spinach, with cheese sauce and mash. And I've tidied kitchen tonight instead of leaving it until morning.

Great excitement as tomorrow top soil is being delivered. Grils can't wait to watch it being tipped onto the drive.


Poppy & Mei said...

Woweeeeee! You guys have been really busy. I love all the pics.
You're one lucky Mumma, Cherry Babeeeeeee! Xxx

Tammy said...


Neil Diamond is my all time favorite performer!

Please take photos and blog about them when you go! :)


Jenny said...

Oh lucky you! Lovely flowers too :)

Shirl said...

Gorgeous flowers - I got some lovely ones too but the batteries in the camera are flat .... :0(

Good luck with the topsoil!