Sunday, 20 January 2008

Where is Oregon? ... and King Winter ....

I was reading Mrs Darling's blog this morning while we all slobbed about and decided it was time to get some order. So I declared to my gang we were going to tidy and then spend some time together, after all, I more or less shouted, we could all be sitting in the hot tub together. A little voice asked 'What's a hot tub and where is it?' while the other asked 'Who is Mrs Darling?' I replied never mind all that, lets get cleaning! when dh appeared with a cuppa and said 'Who's Mrs Darling?'

So I read Mrs Darlings blog, quite a bit of it actually, including Pop's stories. The girls wandered off before mum remembered we were meant to be tidying. I lamented the fact that other women could fit so much in during the week and have time to bake (besides the point really, as I hate baking) and dh asked mildly what Mr Darling did. I said I have no idea but he loves The Goonies to which dh muttered 'must be a normal bloke then'. The next question was 'Where do the Darlings live?' I scanned the blog and said 'Oregon'

Cleaning & tidying were completely forgotten while we searched for an Atlas to find Oregon. Dh borrowed my reading glasses and decided he needs his own pair.

So by now about another hour and half had passed and several more cups of tea. But now we know where Oregon is and I decided dh looked rather fanciable in glasses, but I won't tell him that.

I did kick everyone into action though and we now have a fairly tidy school area, still with a few plastic boxes but I prefer the baskets.

I also was determined to get the nature table set up by the end of today. This led to another break from cleaning while we held a family discussion about where to put it. Once again two little girls drifted off with an air of out of sight, out of mind. We decided the only option was to cover the juke box and use that.



Dh did the floral display while I finished off King Winter, and bless him he even found something to make a broom with while walking the dog.

Hettie and Dh went swimming, Issy played zoos with her animals and I cooked Sunday dinner. We never got to build a hot tub and sit in it together, but we did have a nice day, and we're very tidy!


Mary said...

Popping over to say hello - I found your blog from Mrs. Darling's comment section. Your writing is fabulous! Now that your kids have found Oregon - it's time to search for Kodiak, Alaska!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my goodness now Im all shades of embarrassed! I mean your husband now knows my feet are all rough and that I only wash my hair twice a week! Mercy! Im blushing.

You really are too funny. IM glad I could inspire you! Its heady to think I effected someone on a different continent! Wow!

For your husbands info, my husband is a steam fitter. As a pipe fitter he supervises the installing of pipe that carry chemicals to a huge computer chip making company here.

This truly was funy. Thanks for letting me in on your day over there! LOL

Lisa said...

Mary - I'll be checking out Kodiak and Mrs D my husband is a heating & air con engineer - he too, deals with pipes! And loves The Goonies!
Lisa x

Angel said...

That was a lovely post. Autonomous structure I think they call it,lol.
Looks like you and Mrs D have plenty in common.

Lisa said...

'Autonomous structure' good phrase Carol!!!

Callie Ann said...

Glad you found Mrs. Darling. She is pretty amazing. I can't believe all the stuff she gets done in a day. I live in Oregon also. But I will be back to visit you on your blog. Hope your having a good day. It's still freezing here in Oregon. 28 degrees but the sun is shining.

Shirl said...

Great use for the jukebox. Did you make King Winter yourself Lisa?

Lisa said...

Hi Shirl I did indeed, needle felted head & stick body hidden under clothes.

Hi Callie Ann, thanks for dropping by.

Lisa x