Monday, 21 January 2008

Beeswax Modelling, Rain and Head Lice...

Today dh and I decided to give Issy a couple of days off school. She's had a constant headache all last week and is just generally unwell. So I decided I would just carry on as normal and she could either join in or watch a dvd. She obviously decided she was up to joining in. As I haven't any work planned for her I ploughed on. So we carried on with the Old Testament stories starting with re-call of Cain & Abel. And then did a page in their main book, fortunately I had a spare book for Isobel to use.

Mummy's blackboard - girls said it looked like two cavemen!

Hettie's - she refused to colour all the background

Isobel's depiction

Its fairly tricky having two at home - many congratulations to everyone home edding more than two!! It was quite apparent that 3rd Grade Waldorf is not really suitable for 1st Grade. So a learning curve for me, but as I say no planning ready for two. I may have to put some thought into this. We read Cain & Abel again, because Hettie insisted I read it to Isobel, even though she thinks it's rubbish! Me thinks that might have been a sneaky way to hear the story again. Then we read Noah building the Ark ready for tomorrow.

We followed on with some work on nouns and named & copied animals we thought might be on Noah's Ark. Then I decided we could try some beeswax modelling. I tried my very best to think Waldorf! So I asked if Noah built his Ark in our garden what animals would be first on board and then we modelled. Wow, how nice is beeswax modelling. We added our models to our nature table - it's all coming together!

Hettie's fox

Isobel's rabbit

I found a rhythm today, lunch was at lunchtime and then we popped to the shops so I could get some wool for my latest knitting project. We followed up with some maths work on place value and I discovered Isobel might know how to put things in tens and units but had no idea that 100 was more than 1. Quite good for Hettie to have a bit of competition and she used her bead frame and rainbow tray to count gems effortlessly up to hundreds - just how many gems have I bought!

That was about it. As for the rain I insisted Hettie walked the dog with dh and we probably had more rain than I've seen in years. They were soaked to their pants and had to strip off in the hall. Obviously Hettie had something to say about it all.

And finally head lice. They like my hair, the girls have none and are not itching at all. Obviously I have lent too close to some small child with them. So out with the comb once more!


Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Ugh, I HATE headlice! (I'm sure we all do, lol! The boys used to pick them up with amazing regularity!

I was trying to read without my specs and thought you had bought some wood for a knitting project! Hope it knits up well, lol! I *still* haven't bought the wool to knit M a jumper - oops!

Angel said...

headlice, yuk! You have my sympathy the little blighters love my hair too. Thankfully we have been clear for a while now.

I do think waldorf is quite age specific and hard to use across age ranges. Love the modelling :)

Lisa said...

Bl**dy things, we haven't had an outbreak for months! Wood is probably cheaper than wool! The beeswax modelling was very successful but would be expensive if we done to often.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yuk head lice!

So why do you prefer bees wax modeling to clay or some other modeling stuff. I 've never used bees wax so Im quite curious.

And I cant believe you chalked in that pic of from the Bible! I mean I do believe it but still you must be an artist! Even your kids pics look better than what I can do!

Shirl said...

Cain and Abel - harsh!

Love the beeswax modelling. I'm keeping my distance from you tomorrow - I don't want to take any extra bods home with me ... ;)

Lisa said...

Mrs Darling, Before we started Waldorf I'd never heard of beeswax but purchased some as it was on the curriculum. We needed to soften it on the heater a bit but working it soft exercised little hands well and it feels (and smells) lovely, very soft, warm and smooth. Bits like heads etc stick on and stay on, whereas clay tends to be a bit wet and cold and the bits fall off of ours.

Lisa x