Friday, 4 January 2008

Back to reality...

Normal life resumes and I'm rushing about mad trying to fit everything in, as usual. Issy has been back at school for 2 days, which has been a little trying to say the least. I forgot her PE Kit and dinner money, we both forgot to practice for her Friday spelling test and we had a lengthy debate about joining skipping club this term. I spent about an hour going through washing and ironing for the elusive PE kit last night only to find it was still in the bag it came home in. Spelling test didn't take place and we decided getting up half an hour earlier to be at skipping club just really isn't worth it.

Hettie went to nanny and grandads yesterday while I tried to catch up on paperwork at work. She copied some writing after reading a story from Winter Tales, did some reading and artwork. She came to work with me today and hung out with the staff while I continued my attack on the paperwork. I'd had enough by lunchtime and we went off shopping to buy some expensive paintbrushes (I entirely blame my MIL for introducing us to the delights of good brushes), we plan more painting tomorrow with our new brushes and also to have a go at our new chocolate fountain.

We had several bags on returning from shopping as it happens, new pjs and some slipper boots for Issy, couple craft activities and more watercolour paper.

My books arrived from Bob & Nancys though, two lovely readers which both girls pounced on, two recommended watercolour books and well one about drawing with block crayons which wasn't necessary but I wanted it! And good fun I had too last night crayoning.

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