Saturday, 26 January 2008

Scheduling and My Little Girl ....

I'd not really heard of this phenomenon called scheduling before I started reading blogs. I had no idea you could actually buy schedules which you can organize your life to the precise minute. Like clean out your purse at 9.47am every second Thursday. I have this problem with being completely unorganised and laid back about time, well its not exactly a problem until I realise we have no clean underwear, dh has no work clothes clean, and we are meant to be somewhere at a certain time. I have lost count of the amount of appointments I've missed. I have a calendar, a filofax and now an organiser on my new phone - which I am beginning to hate with a passion, as it has a life of its own. Still I can't get organised. I set the phone to beep at me for home ed meetings, which it did, but I was already on my way so if I had forgotten it would have beeped to late. I also own every domestic appliance known to mankind, but still there is a huge pile of washing and ironing.

So Saturday remains blitz day and as usual I have decided to be more organised this week. I will use the phone organiser if it kills me, I will of course probably lose the phone eventually. I have read recently the key to being organised is getting up early, and this I have to say is my downfall. I spent years as a nurse getting up early and I simply do not like it. It means I have to go to bed early, and I don't like doing that either. Still I WILL get my curriculum planned, my various organisers filled in and try my best this week to get sorted.
Fortunately the girls decided to go out and bounce for a while which meant I could tidy & clean. Ignore the garden/mud - that's also on my To-Do List.

And so just when exactly did you grow up little girl of mine?

Hetties off to a party and sleep over at her best friends - I couldn't forget this as she taped the invite to the stairs, reminded me as often as possible and her friends mum rang me 3 times to check I had remembered and got the time right!!
There's always next week.


Mrs. Darling said...

You have me laughing Lisa! Of course you can do this. I have all the confidence in the world in you!

Your daughter is beautiful!

Bridget said...

My little girl and firstborn was 10 last Wednesday, I feel so old!!!

Angel said...

I am hopeless and organisation too :( But I am trying and Mys D's post has inspired me to try.

Shirl said...

What lovely photos ... :0)

It's that age thing - makes your memory mush!