Friday, 18 January 2008

Little trip out...and new phones

We went out today with some of our local home ed group to visit a Tudor hall. It belongs to a local museum and cost a whole £1.80 each. We had a great guy who gave a fantastic talk about living in Tudor times. Very hands on with lots of stuff for the kids to actually get their hands on. Hettie answered several questions to my surprise - she obviously does listen sometimes! Our speaker looked slightly bemused when he asked what they thought the candles were made from and there was a chorus of beeswax. Maybe we're going a bit overboard about the crayons.

Hettie volunteered to dress up as Lord Henry and got to sit at the top table with Lady M.

Don't they look lovely! Actually they were both quite taken with their costumes and wore them for quite a while. K aged 3 joined in whole heartily to the delight of everyone and particularly enjoyed snuffing out a candle and washing her hands Tudor style.

My new phone upgrade arrived today, hooray. I took some time (months) to actually get the courage to change it. I dithered about which phone to upgrade to and eventually asked my nephew G who said 'Auntie Lisa, stick with a Nokia, you're old and probably won't manage anything else' I was a bit put out by this comment about my age and technological knowledge - but my new Nokia is here. Ok so I couldn't work out why it wouldn't charge up until my niece M pointed out I hadn't put the battery in it. I have spent a long evening trying to work out how to use it. So it probably was best to stick to the Nokia.

Issy went on her school panto trip which she seemed to enjoy, and is itching to make the Elizabethan theatre I bought her at the museum today. She's got a party tomorrow at the Bear Factory which she can't wait for.

Dh and I spent a little time this evening looking at Rudolf Steiners Four Temperaments and deciding where we all fit. We decided he and Hettie are Phlegmatic (water), Issy is Sanguine (air) and I am Choleric (fire). Well at least he showed some interest!!


Jenny said...

Us oldies know what the good stuff is! I stick to Nokia's too... funily enough most people I know also have nokias, even today a 17 year old I teach was lamenting the fact there wouldnt be a new one for a while...
a glaring example of how we now live in a throwaway society perhaps ( his 'old' one is newer than my new one!)

Love the tudor hall, do you mind me asking where it is?

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh what a fun day that must have been. How funny about the bees wax! Kids are just too cute.

I am sanguine with a touch of choleric.

Lisa said...

Jenny, the hall is Southchurch Hall near sunny Southend-on-Sea in Essex.

Mrs Darling, Dh did ask if the list warns phlegmatics never to marry cholerics - not sure what he meant by that!!!!!