Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I really needed to get more bookwork sorted out and planned for Hettie to do some work on her own for an hour or so and she decided she needed to learn maths all morning! Best laid plans and all that.

We kicked off with some form drawing, walking them out around the lounge and then drawing some. Lots of good work but the 'C' shape still causing problems, but we're getting there.

We carried on looking at place value and used our bead frame and base 10's to do lots of practice. I think we managed to get to the point where she realised the importance of the '0'. We read some of our Zero to Ten book before lunch.

She really liked the bead frame, so a worthy investment. She made a page in her main book about different ways to count things, fingers, abacus etc.

Little House on the Prairie still going down a storm. Who'd have thought it after all that Harry Potter.

Isobel is finding school difficult at the moment - again. She spent a lot of last term in the office at lunch and early pm with a variety of ailments and now this term the school has built a sickbay, so its a bit like her personal chill out room. She calls it the hospital room. But school panto trip on Friday so she's looking forward to that. And she's moved up a reading band and has made a new friend.

So to bed ... long day at work ahead.

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Shirl said...

That's a mighty fine looking abacus. Beautiful form drawing too.... :0)

With Dee c, d, p, s and w were all letters she had lots of trouble with. It's making me laugh now thinking about the times we jumped on those giant letters in our letters game; all to be forgotten the next day! But, she did grasp it eventually.

Introducing clay and asking Dee to make the letters while we talked about words that began with the particular letter we were making helped lots too.