Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Getting organised...

If I get organised at work, everything at home is disorganised and so on. I completely understand the Waldorf importance of finding rhythm and some days we seem to really get it together, others we just don't. Still we'll keep working on it.

So today we dropped Issy at school, and came home determined to be organised. So we looked at Adam and Eve and Hettie copied some work I had (fortunately) prepared earlier. We had a big discussion about the onion skin pages separating other pages, and decided we would not tear them out. She promptly got in a muddle and did her lovely writing on the onion skin page. Still at least she did some writing:

I had a call from work so we set off for her home ed group meeting half an hour late and then decided not to go. By the time we would have arrived it would have been nearly over, so we turned around and went to our local library instead. We spent some time using the computer to look up books and Hettie actually picked two Dick King-Smiths to read to herself! We actually managed to use our super dooper up to date electronic library check in and out system (under the watchful eye of our not so jolly librarian) without a mistake, which caused Hettie to shout hooray very loudly and earned us another disapproving look.

We bumped into some home ed friends at the shops which was nice. We had a chat without someone saying 'not in school today?'

After lunch we read Merry-Go-Round, Ruth Heller which Hettie really enjoyed and led nicely to some grammar work. So we looked at nouns and after I grabbed Donna Simmons Living Language from the shelf for advice we managed to link to our Old Testament stories to make lists of nouns.

Time to pick up Isobel, and we played spot the noun on the way, which was very loud and noisy as we shouted nouns out.

Issy came home and wrote out half of her party invites and while Hettie went fencing we started the arduous weekly task of cleaning her bedroom. But we found time to play dollies and making tea games so the day ended nicely.

Now to prepare work for tomorrow!

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Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Fencing sounds very exciting!

The picture and writing is lovely, well done to Hettie for a gorgeous piece of work. :-)

M used to love Dick King Smith's books when he was first homeschooled - that seems so very long ago now! :-0