Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Whats going on this week?

It was another mad day, well morning. I had everything planned to the minute to fit it all in. Started all wrong when Issy limped about yawning saying she couldn't go to school 'cos she hurt her knee and her leg felt funny. She fell over yesterday and has a minute cut on one knee. You really need a magnifying glass to see it. She was then up 'til gone midnight. So I rang and made our excuses - again!

By now I'm well behind schedule, and we had to print Hetties work out for our HE group's library display. We did have to do this because we hadn't done the book review either, which she must do for the children's competition on the SHE group. We had all the writing typed up but needed to add some pictures of tigers. They're raising money for endangered animals. I googled for some pics and this took forever while she ummed and aahed about which pictures to use. I feel like I looked at a million pics of tigers. I had to be in work for a meeting in 15 minutes and Issy and I were still in pjs.

I ended up half an hour late, but better late than never. This in turn meant we left late for the HE meeting. Not usually a problem, but I was the mum with the stuff for the wall display! It poured with rain, you know when you can barely see with the wipers on top speed, and so couldn't even 'hurry along' a little. However we eventually arrived and got sorted. The children had their book club meet, and we got a smashing display up, well we like it anyway.

We drifted home, fortunately I didn't need to return to work after and went to nanny P's for a cuppa and a sandwich. On returning home the girls decided to play shops. While my back was turned this involved getting play food and tea set out, a variety of toys for sale, my birthday cards, and a lot of stuff back out of the re-cycling bin.

It was a pretty good department store but by now it was 7pm and I was beginning to think I'm never going to get all this put away, but as they both clearly pointed out to me 'this is maths'. So that told me.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh yes Im always so torn about the kids creativity like that. Its good for them but oh the mess!!

Dawn said...

That's a pretty cute shop they set up ;)

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

Arrrggg, don't you just hate days when you're late for one thing after another...

Love the idea of the girls' shop though. ;)


Tammy said...

Playing shop...that goes on a lot here too. Gotta get out the cash register, the money, the shopping lists and pencils, the food and other items, then round up the ENTIRE family for customers. So much prep work and clean up involved. But you are right, it is good math.

I wish our girls could get together to play. ;)

Lisa said...

Tammy we have to have the entire family play as well, don't be fooled they don't always play together!