Monday, 7 April 2008

PJ Day ...

Ok it was a lazy PJ day today. But when the postman gave me a funny look (when he delivered a parcel - guess what books!) as if to say it's nearly lunchtime, we got going. Well we got dressed. I looked at my new books, Issy played on the computer and Hettie watched Animal Planet.

Books were great because they are for Hettie's Waldorf Grade 4 and I really love our Waldorf curriculum, and I need them to plan her work. I got Roy Wilkinson's The Human Being and The Animal World, and The Norse Stories and Their Significance, and Eric Fairmans Path of Discovery Grade 4, all from Bob and Nancy's. I think I'm beginning to get my head around her Man and Animal block now, which is a bit daunting when you first look at it.

I printed out their Nature Detectives weekly challenge which is all about ladybirds and they settled down to it. I sorted the washing & done some ironing.

I've put an order in with Sonlight, but decided against buying a Core for Issy for the time being. So I ordered some Readers, Read Alouds, Singapore maths, Time Line books and another markable map. I've got 8 weeks of Issy's curriculum completed now and am ploughing on.

So far we have Issy:
6 week block on Animal Fables and Legends
6 week block on Saints and Hero's
Individual readers

6 week block on Man and Animal
6 week block on Norse Myths
Individual readers

Both together:
Daily verse/poem/tongue twisters
Singapore Maths
Grammar and Spelling using Galore Park Junior English Book 1 and Grammar Ace
History for both using Galore Park History Book 1 and HE Marshall Our Island Story
Read Alouds for both
Art/Craft/Cooking for both
Science/Nature Study for both

Hettie has an option to miss the history bit if she wants, because she's doing fine with Waldorf and its not part of her curriculum. I think she'll probably listen in & skip activities!! Sounds good in theory LOL.

The weather remains what can only be described as bizarre, snowing and freezing this morning, sun shining and roasting by 3pm. I went to work this afternoon which meant we missed our local HE trip to the theatre for a back stage tour, but we've friends coming for the day tomorrow or next day, so that will make up for it!


Dawn said...

It sounds like you deserved a pj day after all the organizing and planning you've been doing lately.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

You have been working hard!
Can I recommend the 'coast' series from the beeb? We got ours from amazon and its been so useful! Mine have learned loads about the UK from it

Tammy said...

What a great plan!

I sure do love that Nature Detectives site. Thanks so much for giving us all the link to it. :)

Poppy & Mei said...

Poop on that postman, I love your days!
Wishing you a Spring with out snow...Xxx

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

You are so organised! I need to be doing this again...

WRT the weather, we are much the same down in the westcountry. Very strange isn't it.


Lisa said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Jenny - I'll check that out thanks!

Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like you're on the right track. I need to do a pj day around here but nobody gets anything done in their pj's. I guess maybe thats the point of it . Hu? :)

Carol said...

Nothing wrong with pyjama days - everyone needs one occasionally.