Monday, 14 April 2008

More than.... child is more tricky! Well when it comes to home ed that is. My friend came today and disappeared upstairs with her OU assessment to complete, leaving me with two extras. As this was a bit of a last minute arrangement we weren't very organised but muddled through Ok. Hettie got going with her buildings & shelters work. She wanted to include Native American teepees before going onto housebuilding. A (11) and F (14) joined in and drew and wrote about teepees, so Hettie finished hers as well. F decided to start a chapter from Galore Park English and A decided she would do the same. So as they could pretty much get on with that, Hettie and I started her Singapore maths. More on that in a minute. So I was jumping from table to table a bit, with 'can you just explain', 'I can't quite get this' etc etc, but we all managed to get a mornings work in and after lunch they disappeared off into the woods until it rained. So then we rounded the day off with popcorn and TV. Those of you I know who HE 3+ kids, I take my hat off to you ladies!

My Sonlight order arrived this morning, four days from shipping to arrival, pretty impressive. We had some nice reading books, timeline books, a book about Leonardo da Vinci, A Child's History of the World, Maps & Globes and Singapore maths. So coming back to the maths, we've started at 1b which is way below where Hettie should be but there's not much point ploughing on until she's got it and it will be a good starting point for Isobel. She completed the first 5 exercises fairly easily although less than, fewer etc still cause problems.

I love Waldorf maths but we really need something to back it up, and more regularly. I struggle a bit myself with maths so find it a bit difficult to teach without something solid to work through. We'll give it a go and see how we get on.

Isobel went back to school reluctantly this morning only to find her teacher who has been off sick has in fact not returned, although the children were told she would be before the break. She didn't have a particularly good day either.

As for the tooth, despite having taken 3 days antibiotics it's still driving me mad. Thanks C for the tip about Anbesol which is helping and alongside pain killers & hot water bottles I'm getting along. If its no better tomorrow I'll have to have another emergency appointment - no doubt having to pay an extortionate price for the privilege of going back early!


Dawn said...

You taught three kids today- with a aching tooth?! My hat is off to you ;)

Carol said...

Glad the Anbesol helped a bit- really hope it gets sorted soon becuase toothache is just awful.

Sonlight is VERY quick with delivery - we love to track our parcels,each time in awe of the speed!

CJ said...

I've had 6 up at the table at one point, ranging from age 2 - 11, when looking after others kids. They actually worked well together, the oldest looking after the youngest.

I'm still trying to work out what's best, sometimes my older 2 work beautifully together, othertimes it's WW£ if they are any where near to one!

My galore park history arrived and like you I'm very impressed. Seriously thinking about GP English now.

Oh by the way, my waldorf maths book has arried, will say more on the forum when I've managed to read more of it.

I've got singapore maths coming too, but from singapore, I've got it just for 'A'.

Anbisol is marvellous stuff, I do hope you feel better soon, I think having trouble with teeth, is one of the worst pains you can have.
(Hugs) CJ x

ruth said...

I remember the golden days of 7 round the table lol. It seems easy now. I hope your get our tooth sorted asap.