Monday, 21 April 2008

One of those Monday mornings....

The weekend wasn't too bad.

On Saturday I spent a lot of computer time on our local HE group uploading links and re-arranging the yahoo group files section, organising bits and pieces. Dh took Hettie to buy a spray suit for sailing, to go over the wet suit and all the other kit she has. No sailing though because it was the wrong type of wind - sounds like a British Rail announcement! Oh and I had a little play about with my blog.

I decided the time to diet is way over due, must be my age! Plus I have a ladies day thing to go to in June and I refuse to buy a new dress when I have a lovely one, I've only worn once because now it doesn't fit. So I planned Week 1 weight watchers. I've only got 12lbs to loose, well 19lbs would be fantastic but lets be realistic here. I started today - for some reason I have to start a diet on a Monday - and yes I'm starving, possibly because I've used some points for a glass of wine tonight instead of food.

Sunday the wind was 'OK' for sailing, but it was really cold, so Hettie extremely well wrapped went off sailing with dh, his mate and brother and her cousins. She did quite well for a first trip although apparantly it was a bit of a rough ride. Still she wants to go again, so thats good as dh has bought her a full kit! Issy and I stayed in the warm, cleaned through and generally didn't do too much.

So one of those Monday mornings. We were up late to start with, as usual Issy wasn't asleep 'til gone 11.30pm which meant we were both tired this morning (I know Ruth, sounds like an early night for you LOL!) This led to her stuffing toast in her mouth as we ran out the door. Dh forgot to sign a cheque for dinner money and I didn't have any money. The car was as dead as a dodo - nothing. No money so we couldn't jump a cab, or even a bus. Dh miles away. Fortunately my friend rushed around to collect her. She now has a late mark against her name - do I care? No not really. My diet started so I felt hungry, even though I wouldn't normally. Hettie is having what we call a 'dyslexic' week, meaning maths was impossible, handwriting long and laborious.

But Hettie and I have started reading The Apprentice by Pilar Molina Llorente which is great and we're both really enjoying it. It's about an artists apprentice in Renaissence Florence and led nicely to us spending an afternoon looking at Leonardo Da Vinci (not very Walsorf I know). So we read a lot of that today. We also started A Child's History of the World by Hillyer which Hettie liked so that was successful. So although we struggled with our Waldorf main lesson, we did get it completed and spent the afternoon with Leonardo and our Book of Time which seemed to click with her once a timeline was laid out in front of her and she was actually filling it in herself.

Still 'tomorrow is another day' and I think we'll skip maths etc and just read and carry on with Leonardo! Hopefully the car will start.


Bridget said...

Oh, I hate it when you get up late, it mucks up the day. Hope the car's OK tomorrow, if it's your alternater, you know where to come!!

ruth said...

Oh is Hettie doing Sonlight now? I hate starting back on my diet. Nothing is guaranteed to have me lurking by the fridge faster then the knowledge I can't eat any of what is in it lol. I think D is having a dsylexic year never mind a week!

Lisa said...

Bridget - heard you have a few alternaters lying about!!

Ruth - no we're still with Waldorf but adding some other bits in the afternoons, we were a bit history-less!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive had a terrible day around here. This is the sort fo day I just want to chuck everything!

Did you change your header? I love it!

Dawn said...

Sorry your morning was so rough. We enjoyed reading -The Apprentice-. Have a great day.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

I really like the photo on your blog header!

Tammy said...

Sailing sounds wonderful!

Have you guys read any of the Arthur Ransome books? I read several to my kids out loud a while back. Our favorite was Swallows and Amazons.