Thursday, 17 April 2008

Birthdays Come and Go...

I had a biggy birthday yesterday - 40!! Everyone wanted to make a fuss, which was nice. I woke up to some lovely pressies. Two chickens from my girls, now named Henrietta & Isobel, in lieu of the real ones (chickens not daughters). Think dh is hoping these will do!!

Dh has arranged for us to stay in a lovely hotel in the middle of Bath, in September, for the Jane Austin Festival My mum is having the girls for 4 whole days while we're away. Aren't I lucky!! Don't think we'll go the whole hog and dress up, although a real regency ball at the assembly rooms sounds very tempting. They also have a costume promenade you can take part in.
We went to my mum's for dinner with all the family. My friend S and her dh came as well later in the evening, which was lovely. All over now!
Home school as usual though. We did some work looking at temperatures from a solar power kit Hettie has, fortunately the sun was shining.

And we got on with our buildings and shelters work, Hettie wanted to put something about Teepees in.

We've moved onto house building with Hettie drawing her dream house and a floor plan neatly into her main book. We also had a look at architects and what they do. Our Singapore maths (not very Waldorf) is going well and giving us some structure on that front. She's moving pretty quickly through the book and I can see some progress at last, although we're still behind.
We still start our mornings ball throwing and times tables, followed by verse or tongue twisters. Then do 20 minutes maths work before our main lesson work. I've found she's wanting to do more in the afternoons now so we've added the solar power it which should last a couple of weeks or longer if the sun goes in! We finally finished On The Banks of Plum Creek Laura Ingalls Wilder today and both girls have listened to Stig of the Dump on audio CD.
I'm off to read my new 'How To Raise Chickens For Eggs & Slaughter' or some such title, which my sister bought me - and no I don't intend to slaughter any of mine!!


Bridget said...

I would love to have chickens, but I don't think the neighbours would like it, and I think Burley would be walking round with feathers hanging out his mouth most of the day, the fox wouldn't be needed! Glad you had a lovely birthday, they say life begins.... I'm still waiting!!

ruth said...

Lovely piccies. I love Hetties teepees. I am thinking about having chickens to much to dh horror :)

Dawn said...

Happy birthday to you! I share a love a chickens...and a husband who doesn't want any ;) I think it would be such fun to have fresh eggs. The Jane Austin festival sounds like so much fun- lucky you.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Lisa :D
I would love chickens, if only I had the room......*sighs wistfully*

Tammy said...

AAAAAHHHHH! Look at those CUTE chickens! lol!

Happy, happy birthday to you, Lisa!

Carol said...

PS - I tagged you.


Bridget said...

Loving your new header, beautiful.

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

I'm sure I said Happy BIrthday... Sorry but I don't seem to have done.

Loving the new header pic! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks all!

I'll catch up with the tag this week C.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!! Your chickens are adorable.