Wednesday, 30 April 2008

An Eventful Day.....And a Strange Happening

Goodness, I've been so busy with end of the year book keeping and accountants I haven't had time for anything else. Monday I worked and Hettie tagged along, Tuesday I worked and Hettie tagged along again - mmm not very structured!

The rain has just fell and fell, but fortunately two mornings running I've bumped into a friend who has taken Issy into the school and class, therefore no need to park. This morning Hettie wanted to stay home alone - Aaagh! - while I did the school run and I decided a 15 minute trial alone would be OK. Well I've got to leave her alone at some point and by her age I'd been walking to school alone for 2 years. So with repeated instructions to not answer the door or the phone or leave the back room I left. At the bottom of the road I started to think what if I have an accident or the car breaks down, she won't answer the phone, perhaps we need a phone code, you know 2 rings, then ring again sort of thing. I should point out with have a huge very protective dog as well. Fire, what if there's a fire, will she know to leave the house?

Got home, rushed in and she was coming down the stairs. What are you doing out of the back room? What would you do if the house catches fire? Did you answer the phone? I demanded. 'Mum I was going to wee on the sofa if I waited any longer, the phone hasn't rung and if there's a fire I'll leave the house and go next door to J' and plonked herself back down in front of the tv.

So the first time is over. Isobel said 'When I'm 9 1/2 can I stay in on my own?' 'No you can't, you need to be 24!' was my reply.

So, off to our Home Ed group at the library. We had a great meeting, 29 adults and kids attended. My friend C did a great activity about electric circuits and they made a little lamp, which Hettie is made up with. She took it apart on the way home and even I managed to figure out how to put it back together again! It was a really, really good meet until a young lad snatched one of the mum's handbags from pratically under our noses. Fortunately another mum spotted him on her way out and the police were called - and actually caught him! The kids all rallied around and pointed out several times where fingerprints could be obtained! I really hope T gets her bag back because amongst other things she had a photo of her daughter which was special to here. Fingers crossed x.

So that wasn't a nice ending to the day.

The strange happening. Well I looked at Hettie yesterday, and she was reading a book, yes she had actually picked up a book and was reading it to herself. I very nearly shouted 'You're reading, you're absorbed in it!' But my brain kicked into gear and I said nothing. I left it a while and said 'What are you reading?' 'A book about tigers, its quite good' Its a Level 2 I Can Read Book and boy, am I glad I bought that!


Dawn said...

I just left my nine year old home alone for about a half hour, for the first time, about two weeks ago and had very similar feelings the whole time I was gone.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my what a day! I recall the first time I left Tink alone I was worried like that too. LOL

Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

You are brave! My two were 11 and 12 before I left them alone, lol!

Glad the police managed to catch that lad and hope the mum gets her bag back.


Tammy said...

Yep, that's what I did the first time I left Emily alone! :)

Sounds like a great time other than the purse snatching.

ruth said...

My 9 year olds cannot be left even in the garden lol. D is far to mischievious I have left the older ones for short times tho.

Bridget said...

I have just started letting Eden go to the shops to get an Echo, it's only about 1/3 of a mile but she gets 20 minutes to do it in otherwise I come looking! Glad the police caught the lad, I doubt they'll be able to do a lot to punish him though!!

Poppy & Mei said...

Wow! What a wirlwind of a time! Xxx

Thea said...

Well my bag is safe and sound along with my lovely pics, not sure if will get the money back tho'. Said young man is now doing three months.

Robynne doesn't much like being left on her own even now.