Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Why On Earth....

.... would anyone want to read a 100 classic book collection on a Nintendo DS?? Now I'll read pretty much anything classics, bestsellers, rubbish and even the back of a shampoo bottle if necessary. Can you imagine if you drop your Nintendo in the bath while having a sneaky quiet read away from the family? Or worse, if you dropped one belonging to your children. Are they water tight? Apart from that I'd have to wear glasses to see that tiny screen and they would steam up - I like a hot bath. I realise you can change the font size, I'd probably only fit a few words on the screen!

Today I was up and raring to go, OK probably not raring to go, but ready. Girls still sound asleep at 9am. Did I wake them? No I did not. Did I do housework, washing and ironing? No I did not. Sorry Mrs D :0) I read my book. Slovenly without a doubt. Still at 9.20am, which must be like midday to you early risers we were breakfasting and eventually got going.

Issy did some English work

Hettie ate another pencil during maths!

Issy did some Montessori maths.

And they both busied themselves while I read aloud.

And yes, we had another successful Sonlight Core K day!! I am chuffed. Hettie wondered why anyone would possibly want to bind their feet to make them smaller, after I'd read about Gladys Alyward being a foot inspector in China, and Isobel surreptitiously eyed her rather long narrow feet! No doubt she will cut up a pillow case and they'll be bound up by morning.

I definitely had the wrong Core before. Its working much better to aim at Issy and add work in for Hettie. Because if Hettie does nothing else she still gets to do Issy's history/geography and read aloud, which I'm sure is much more in depth than she would be doing in school anyway.

Hettie worked on some of her biology course book today, looking at cells and how they work. It was a bit too much to do a whole chapter in one sitting so we did about half, and will finish the rest later this week.

We finished the afternoon with 3 rather riotous games of Frustration, where I ended up very frustrated because I got beaten by 2 girls and a teddy who was making a fourth for the game. Oh well can't win 'em all!


Mrs. Darling said...

Caught ya reading in the morning, lol. Hey really, whatever works!

Glad your schooling is working out for you. I love the pics included!

Lisa said...

LOL Mrs D - Stage 2 of major clear out this weekend!

Bridget said...

Beaten by a teddy.... Shame on you!!!

Luke said...

That is wonderful news!

...but, yes, I don't see myself reading on an electronic device in the tub. I do like listening to books on tape, however. The big problem is that running water is so loud [smile].


Dawn said...

I do not understand the appeal of reading books on a DS, or even my laptop for that matter. I tried it once...I bought an e-book in an effort to save on shipping an be more eco-friendly, but I just could not get into it the same way I do when I can snuggle under a blanket on the couch with a good book. Plus...you can't share e-books, and I love to share my books when I'm finished with them.