Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Good Read....

... and I like a good read!

When Hettie was assessed as having dyslexia I read an awful lot of books around the subject. So it follows I ordered a lot of books about Aspergers Syndrome, particularly those about girls with Aspergers, which I haven't actually read properly yet.

So this weekend I started to read Pretending To Be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey It was one of those books you just can't put down - funny, moving and to me familiar. Worth a read even if you don't have a child or know anyone with Aspergers.

Rest of the weekend - well I decided to tidy and organise. I made a good start. I actually boxed the Christmas deccies properly before storing in the loft, Issy's room got an overhaul (with dh helping) although half an hour after I finished she started pulling everything out again!! It makes her feel physically ill if its tidy - don't ask, we just live with it. At least it's clean underneath, oh and the 'frost free' freezer is defrosting. Hettie wants her room sorted, so I've promised next weekend hers will be turned out. She likes it tidy.

I did a mountain of ironing and hopefully can finish the last bit tomorrow. I'm thinking of getting a 'lady who does' in this year, and for once dh didn't murmur, so I take that as 'go ahead'.

So hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal. Girls are off to their art course in the morning and hopefully that will give me a couple of hours to sort their work boxes out!

Edited to add: You really all should read the We Are Here blog for a frank and funny look at home education and family life in general.

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Dawn said...

It seems like so many people are in that cleaning//organizing mode lately. I've been, and I'm hoping to hire a cleaning lady as well. I'll look for that book...thanks for the recommendation.