Monday, 5 January 2009

A Good Start...

Well sort of. It snowed here and although we managed to get to Art Group, it was only to find it had been cancelled. Thankfully its only just down the road.

I had planned to pick a little ease back into it work from my planning while they were at art. So a bit of faffing about but we got stuck in, including Issy.
She started with her Sonlight Language Arts and reader, and it all went swimmingly. Core K level is much more suitable for her than Core 1. Some of it was a little easy, but she copied her spellings and made them using the Montessori wooden letters. Surprisingly although she can discuss topics in depth and has a fantastic memory, and can read fairly fluently she still struggles with letter sounds so I decided it won't do any harm to re-cap. She loves hands on stuff!

She then did some work from Jolly Phonics - her choice!

Hettie meanwhile, worked on her Galore Park maths, subtracting eleven mentally. 10/10 and then 7/10 so I was really pleased. She wasn't very happy with the 7 until I explained that would easily be a 'pass' mark. She carried on with Explode the Code but fell back a bit on reading and sounding out, so I nicked Issy's Core K reader and she did much better. Then she carried on with her Geography World Trail and a quick verbal test showed she had remembered the names of all continents and oceans as well as lines of latitude & the Equator. Not bad for someone with memory retention problems, so we moved onto lines of longitude.

Hettie has decided she would rather do a week of geography and then a week of history because otherwise she finds it bitty. Geography is not my favorite subject but hey ho.

She then started on tracing and cutting the continents to make a Pangea picture, while I read Issy's Core K history/geography book Hero Tales and then they both marked Gladys Alyward's journey from England to China on their markable maps. We all liked this book, it was clear and easy to read, though they thought from the picture Gladys was a man!

That was enough for Issy and after lunch she disappeared off to her bedroom, but not until I read a chapter of her Read Aloud - The Boxcar Children, which she sat with her hands over her eyes because she didn't want me to read it, but then promptly started to discuss the 'nasty bakers wife' when I finished. I know, I know, you would think she'd put her hands over her ears if she didn't want to listen, but no. Hettie then finished her picture and we looked at her First News newspaper.

In between all this I managed to get the Frost Free freezer defrosted and scrub the utility room, cook lunch and hoover through. It was great they both got on with it in the morning, but I felt like I had a bit of invisible elastic bouncing me back and forth between them. Of course dh came home from work and uttered those immortal words 'Been doing anything today?' which I ignored rather than be impolite and swear at him.

So will tomorrow go as well? - mmm I won't get my hopes up :0)


Serendipity said...

Glad the day went well- we loved boxcar children, and family under the bridge, and Hunderd Dresses.....(Ok I liked most of them so far *grin*)

Dawn said...

I loved being back at schoolwork yesterday. Sounds like your day went pretty well. Gladys Alyward was a favorite read aloud at our house a few years ago...I hope your girls enjoy it.

Luke said...

[smile] Sounds like a good day. May your whole family continue to find joy this year as you "do school" together.


Lisa said...

Thanks all, nice to be back to some normality!